pretty havoc Releases New Single 'Jennie Kim'

On February 10, musical artist pretty havoc released his latest single titled 'Jennie Kim.'  

Ever notice how some notable Western starlets have songs dedicated in their own name, for example, 'Drew Barrymore' by SZA & Bryce Vine, 'Billie EIllish' by Armani Whit, or Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

But what about Eastern celebs? Now BLACKPINK's own Jennie Kim can join the ranks! Meet the new song by pretty havoc, 'Jennie Kim' a song titled after her. 

To describe the song pretty havoc stated; 

The question I had pondered was how we consistently hear songs referencing western media Idols, yet with the rise of Eastern Idols in Western media, no English pop songs make references celebrating these icons. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make one in the style of Rock (which has also seen a large resurgence in western media), I would kindly describe it as a fun unique piece of East Meets West. 

'JENNIE KIM' blends the lyricism, sound, and energy of the early 2000s, So Cal ALL-AMERICAN Pop Punk/Pop Rock similar to the likes of Blink-182, with a Modern Pop production and lyric sensibility of the new wave. (MGK, Yungblud) also mixing in hints of Hyper-Pop (Aries, Brakence) production with glitch guitars, messy 808s, and electronic percussion all while writing about a topic that is so uniquely East Asian. (K-Pop) Thus, giving the track an odd but lovable feel that is unheard of squeezed into a pop track in under 2 minutes. 

Performed in mostly English with small parts in Korean for emphasis on the topic, the lyrics describe his love of K-Pop Idols and his belief that they should be more celebrated. "Now that they rule the world, why no love for these K-Pop girls?", "Cause I like Nayeon, Mina, Momo, Sana, Tzuyu, etc" The lyrics packaged can be described as witty, slick and youthful, riddled with tons of pop culture references of K-Pop idols that will sure to make anyone with some knowledge of K-Pop smile and bop their head to it.

Check out the song on your favorite platform here! 

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