Rapper Huh Showcases His Versatility With Newest Single 'Midnight Law'

Hip Hop artist Huh released his newest single “Midnight Law” on February 24.

This is the artist’s first release since his recent participation on the Hip Hop reality show Show Me the Money 11, where he joined producer JUSTHIS X R. Tee’s team in creating chart-topping hits. His acclaimed performance on the show showcased his rhythmic flow and ability to capture the audience’s attention.

Huh joined the label Amoeba Culture in 2021 and has been making his mark on the Korean Hip Hop world. The rapper has collaborated with artists such as rappers Gaeko, Kid Milli, Khundi Panda, and BLOO. Since joining forces with the label he has dropped the singles “uh-uh,” “business boy,” “MBT,” and his first full album 926 in 2022.   

Huh returns with the single “Midnight Law” which consists of tracks “Midnight Law” featuring Skinny Brown and “HDYF” featuring Hash Swan. The two tracks highlight Huh’s versatility with the contrasting styles of “Midnight Law’s” sweet-sounding melody and “HDYF’s” upbeat and raw flow.

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