FIFTY FIFTY Releases First Comeback Single Album "The Beginning: Cupid"

Ciera Reeves


The rookie K-pop artist FIFTY FIFTY has made their first-ever comeback with their first single album, The Beginning: Cupid.

The Beginning: Cupid acts as a prequel to their debut album, showing the four girls’ inner selves as they are about to embark on a new journey. This single album is about the feeling of a great sense of separation between the ideal world filled with bright hopes and the reality where things don’t always work out as intended, told through a story about relying on Cupid as FIFTY FIFTY’s problem solver. However, within the song, the members realize they do not need Cupid and must take the initiative to overcome fear and transform into a new version of themselves. It’s a song that marks the start of the girls’ journey, maturing and growing into their own.

“I received a lot of positive energy while preparing for this album. Given that the main message of the song is about taking the initiative to be in charge of ourselves, I tried my best to keep up a positive mindset despite the difficulties and challenges I faced throughout the preparation period. I hope everyone can get motivated by listening to this song as much as I did!” –

“Right after our debut, we stayed busy as we prepared for a new album within a short period of time. We practiced hard and did our best, hoping to put on a flawless performance on upcoming stages. I hope people can look forward to our brand-new look! Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our team for allowing us to come back with great music.” –

The Beginning: Cupid contains a Korean and an English version of “Cupid” and an instrumental. The “Twin version” (English version) of “Cupid” has a different style of mixing and adjusted vocal arrangement than the Korean version of the track. The members of FIFTY FIFTY participated in the production process of this single album, with Keena writing the verse and Saena participating in the creation of the highlight choreography of the song. Adam von Mentzer, who produced "Lovin' Me" from FIFTY FIFTY’s debut album, participated in the creation of the single album alongside other veteran producers and came together to maintain the group’s distinct color while expanding their spectrum of music.


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