S.M Entertainment’s CEO Talks about the Future Agency Projects and More…


On February 24, 2023 S.M Entertainment’s CEO Lee Sung-su speaks up about the future Agency projects and the ‘HYBE question’. Although the HYBE Company becomes the major acquirer of S.M Entertainment shares buyer from previous company founder Lee Soo-man, the ‘SM 3.0’ project will be continuing to be in association with Kakao Entertainment

He also pointed out the artists company comebacks and debut as well—such as the return of SHINee, EXO, TVXQ! and the NCT’s TEN solo debut— following by Japanese tours, world tours and solo tours—for instance BAEKHYUN’s solo world tour, TAEMIN’s tour, great return of EXO, TAEYEON and CHEN, KEY and ONEW’s Japanese tour. 

As well as you can tell reading the program, there is no mention about NCT HOLLYWOOD unit. Following the 2023 debut of the NCT TOKYO, NCT will become a closed group. NCT are no longer an open unit where you can add more artists every year. NCT becomes a closed unit.’ The super-group SUPERM created back in 2019 is not listed, so netizens' intuition is that S.M has definitely disbanded the group since was a Lee Soo-man’s idea. 

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