[Exclusive Interview] OnlyOneOf Talks seOul cOllectiOn and American Tour

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With their bold looks and boundary-pushing concepts, OnlyOneOf is continuing to challenge accepted norms in Korea or K-pop. Of course, the group has lighthearted songs, but they often depict darker themes like isolation and inner turmoil as they explore what it means to be an individual and find your own form of happiness while in a  society where conformity is prized above all else. In this way, OnlyOneOf manages to be both subversive and empowering at the same time, going their own way. 


OnlyOneOf consisting of members KB, Rie, YooJung, JunJi, Mill and Nine, debuted with its mini-album "dot point jump" in 2019 and has since released a variety of music such as "savanna" "dOra maar," "libidO," "skinz," and "suit dance" spanning genres from chill RnB to genre-bending experimental industrial sounds. OnlyOneOf stands out among the rest and is known for their "no skip" B-side tracks. The group shows their talents in various ways including composing, arranging, creating choreography, and acting. 


In 2022, after the release of their mini album “Instinct Part 2” in January, OnlyOneOf began their “Be” series "undergrOund idOl," a monthly project in which each member released a solo single album, starting with member Yoojung in June and finishing with member Nine in December. The series explores relationship dynamics such as the joys and challenges of three couples portrayed by the members. The accompanying music videos told each of the stories in two parts for each pair from the perspective of the singer. The series gave empowerment and encouragement to many people around the world.


Racing forward, OnlyOneOf is back with their latest album “seOul cOllectiOn” on March 2 and has come together as a complete group since the solo projects. The title track seOul drift is a thrilling high-energy hybrid between hip-hop and rock that expresses the hope and dreams of youth and embracing freedom to live how they want and love whom they want in the city of Seoul. The song is described as “Leftfield bass genre puts together Seoul’s glamorous lights and the dark reality on the city’s other side as music.”


Check out the 'seOul drift' music video 



Upcoming Grand America Tour 

From March 31 and lasting throughout April 2023, OnlyOneOf will embark on their first American tour. Since debut, the group has only traveled to Asian countries for performances, so it will be a treat for western fans to get a chance to finally see the group in person in concert and fan engagements. Tickets can be found here. 


KpopWise caught up with OnlyOneOf ahead of seOul cOllection's release and the upcoming tour to learn more of their thoughts and answer some questions taken from lyOns.

Hi OnlyOneOf! Can you tell us a little about the new album seOul cOllectiOn?

<seOul cOllectiOn> is an album of songs that capture the solitude, loneliness, and wandering of young people living in Seoul, a city that seems to be filled with brilliant lights.

Some people were introduced to OnlyOneOf through your solo music, and now they will see OnlyOneOf active as a group for the first time in a year. What do you want them to anticipate for seOul cOllectOn?

KB – I hope they’ll notice how much thought we’ve put into the new album and the changes we’ve made after having worked on our previous albums and “underground idOl” solo projects.

Rie – I hope they’ll see how much we’ve matured after our solo projects and anticipate the chemistry among all the members as we’ve come back as a group after a long time.

YooJung – I hope they’ll notice what kind of synergy we create together when each member’s individual style expressed from the solo album merge together.

JunJi – The improved skill of OnlyOneOf from our solo projects!

Mill -  Since we’re coming back as a group after a year, I hope they’ll anticipate a new side of us. Also, we’re known for great non-title track songs as well, so I hope you’ll enjoy our yummy music.

Nine - It seems that many lyOns, who love OnlyOneOf, really like our music. So I hope they’ll pay closer attention to our music this 
time as well.

lyOns are amazed by your heart-racing choreography. What was the most challenging choreography to learn?

KB – The choreography of “seOul drift” was the most complex and fast, so it made me realize the importance of staying healthy and in good shape!

Rie – Personally, “designer” was the most difficult. It was very tricky to deliver the unique vibe of “designer” choreography when performing.

YooJung – I think “seOul drift” was the most difficult. It was really difficult because the dance moves are bombarded at you nonstop according to the song.

JunJi - The dance move where I sweep the floor during my solo part in “a sOng Of ice & fire” was the most difficult when it comes to delivering that unique vibe.

Mill – It was “dOra maar.” I think it’s because unlike previous songs, there were a lot of moves where we had to dance softly.

Nine - The choreography for “a sOng Of ice & fire” was very difficult because the choreography itself was quite difficult and there were no breaks.

What are some things you do to destress?

KB – I notice I’ve destressed to some extent after getting a good sleep. So I think rest is necessary.

Rie – Eating delicious food, getting a good night’s sleep, and working out!

YooJung – I tend to play games a lot! And watching videos of cute puppies!

JunJi - Mill destresses by going bowling or playing soccer. Rie destresses by eating. YooJung destresses by gaming. KB destresses by watching MVs with me and crying. Nine destresses by resting at home. I destress by spacing out.

Mill – I destress by playing sports, like going bowling or playing soccer, etc.

Nine – I destress by singing. I think it’s because I don’t think of anything else while singing.

If you could do anything differently, what would it be?

KB – Anything that presents joy through work is great. I’d also like to touch people’s hearts with great videos.

Rie – Even if I get another chance, I think I’ll choose to do OnlyOneOf again! (laughter)

YooJung - I’ve only dreamed of being a singer, so I’m not sure if I’d be able to do anything else well. But if I have to choose, I guess something where I’d reveal myself to the public?

JunJi – I want to become an astronaut. I want to explore the space far away.

Mill - I haven’t thought of anything else but OnlyOneOf, but I’d like to try acting because I’ve been recently taking acting lessons.

Nine – I actually wanted to become a perfumer before, so I guess I would’ve tried that.

What kind of songs are you into lately?

KB – I’m so into Charlie Puth’s “I Don’t Think I Like Her.” It’s a song that makes you feel good whenever and wherever you listen to it!

Rie – These days, I enjoy watching Taeyang’s live performance videos. There’s so much to learn from him – from vocal skills to fundamental techniques and all.

YooJung – I’m into all songs of Benson Boone. I especially like “Better Along” the most!

JunJi – I’m so into a song called “seOul drift.”

Mill – I listen to all the songs in the “seOul cOllectiOn” album. They’re really nice.

Nine – These days, I’m so into songs from the “seOul cOllectiOn” album, so I play them on repeat.

International lyOns are excited to meet you on tour. Do you watch music video reactions?

KB – I’ve seen many of them because my friends and acquaintances send me those reaction videos. There are lots of fun reactions to watch, and they really react so well. It is exhilarating to watch and feels so rewarding. Thank you!

Rie – I make sure to watch all reaction videos and dance cover videos that are available! Thank you!

YooJung – I’ve watched our fans’ reaction videos so many times. I remember watching a reaction video to “begin,” and the person reacting to it told a story of each melody and line of lyrics. I felt so grateful.

JunJi – Yes, I’ve seen them. It was quite cute how the like our MVs and are surprised by them. It made me feel happy too. I really thank them.

Mill – I enjoy watching them so much. I watch them before I go to bed. I’m always so thankful for them.

Nine – I enjoy watching them. They showed such reactions, which boosts our self-esteem. For that, I always thank them so much.

What is something you’re looking forward to on the tour?

KB - More than anything, since there’ll be lots of lyOns who’ll get to see us perform in person, I’m looking forward to feeling less sorry about how we haven’t been able to meet them until now. Also, I hope they’ll be really touched and inspired by our performance. 

Rie – What I look forward to the most is meeting international lyOns that we haven’t been able to meet before and performing in front of them.

YooJung – I’m really excited to see our fans’ reactions!

JunJi – Our fans, the unique atmosphere there, and a variety of food there.

Mill – I’m so excited that we get to showcase our new songs. And it makes me happy that we get to be together with lyOns that we meet for the first time.

Nine - We haven’t been able to meet with international lyOns due to COVID-19, so the fact that we get to perform in front of them is very exciting. We’ll prepare thoroughly and put on a great performance.

What is your must-have item when traveling?

KB – When traveling, my must-have items are travel pillow and rhinitis medicine. As long as I have these two, I can go anywhere!

Rie – Charger, cell phone, ear plugs!!

YooJung – Cold medicine! When my body gets tired, I get a cold. So cold medicine is a must!

JunJi – Cell phone’s the best. Everyone, make sure to bring your cell phone!

Mill – Portable power bank.

Nine – Charger and AirPods!

What goals do you want to accomplish in 2023?

KB – I want us to be ranked #1!!!!!!

Rie – Making the number of lyOns who love our music 100 times greater!

YooJung – This year, I want to meet you in various areas and spend a worry-free &  healthy 2023!

JunJi – I wanna go to Billboard and cry.

Mill – I want to show ourselves to more people.

Nine – Continuing to present great songs and performances to lyOns. The goal for the end of this year is to deliver a happy news to lyOns. 

What is something you want to say to lyOns?

KB – We always thank you so much. Thanks to your love for our music and your anticipation for what we do, we’ll continue to think deeply to always show you even better and improved version of ourselves!!

Rie – lyOns, thank you for always loving and cherishing our music so much! I’m so happy that we get to meet more lyOns in person this year. Let’s enjoy our time together and have fun! I love you, lyOns! ❤

YooJung - lyOns! We’ve made a great comeback. There are lots of songs you’ll like this time as well, so please show lots of love! This year will be the year of OnlyOneOf and lyOns!

JunJi – lyOns, you are always the reason why OnlyOneOf exists. We’ve made it this far thanks to you. We’ll make even more effort from now on to make sure that we can become this sturdy tree that can comfort you and that you can rely on. Love you always.

Mill – Thank you for always rooting for us and loving us. Please get excited because we’re going to work hard to become the artists who’re beloved by lyOns this year as well.

Nine – Thank you always for all your expectations and love for us! I hope you’ll make lots of happy memories with us this year as well!


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 A special thank you to OnlyOneOf and 8D Entertainment for the interview.

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