J-Hope Teases 'On the Street' with Surprise Collaboration J-Cole

J-Hope's (BTS) latest single “On the Street” is set for release on 3rd March. The surprise single news dropped on 26th February with Bighit Music announcing “The title on the street refers to J-Hope's roots -street dance- from which his dream to become an artist began.”

Hinting that J-Hope would return to his hip-hop roots, anticipation grew with just what the single could sound like. On the 2nd of March J-Hope posted a 40-second music teaser that gave little away in sound, however, a surprise awaited fans. Panning across a city skyline, we see J-Hope gliding along a rooftop harmoniously whistling. 

The camera pans off with J-Hope joining renowned American rapper J-Cole. The 40-second teaser gave very little room for interpretation yet fans were happily surprised to see J-Hope finally collabing with J-Cole.

The artist has been J-Hope's biggest muse and what turned him to rap in his recent “Jack in the box documentary” we saw J-Hope meet J-Cole backstage at Lollapalooza. Upon meeting his idol J-Hope shakily tells Cole in English “I’m so honored to meet you, you’re my muse. When I was young I loved your mixtape “Friday Night Lights.” “Higher” is my favorite music.”

On BTS's fourth album Dark & Wild track "Hip Hop Phile" Hope raps about how J-Cole influenced J-hope.

Hope Hope World before I built my own world there was Cole world. When he lit up my Friday night, I became more inspired to write my own music.

Alongside the teaser clip, four teaser photos were dropped on 1st March alluding to the title Hope on the streets. The wait is nearly over with the music video and single released on 3rd March at 2 pm KST.

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