Junny Captivates the Audience at his San Diego Stop on His 'blanc' Tour

On February 27, JUNNY, a Korean-Canadian R&B singer, closed out his U.S. 2023 ‘blanc’ tour with a captivating show in San Diego. Fans stood in line for hours, waiting in anticipation to see their favorite artist take the stage at Brick by Brick in San Diego. JUNNY made his debut in 2017 with his solo EP Monochrome and has continued to develop his impressive discography with his latest and first full studio album blanc. Aside from being an artist himself, he has made a name for himself as a producer and songwriter with credits for working on songs for artists such as IU, NCT 127, KAI, Baekhyun, and JAY B. With his U.S. 2022 ‘blanc’ tour garnering lots of praise from fans, San Diego would prove to be no exception.

Opening acts
swimcoach, Justin Trash, and DJ Minjeong filled the place with energy by hyping up the crowd. Justin Trash brought out special guest Semmi to perform unreleased music, marking this as Semmi’s very first live performance. DJ Minjeong pumped up the crowd with remixes of popular Western and K-pop songs such as New Jean’s “Hype Boy.” It wasn't long after when the star of the night appeared and everyone was more than thrilled to see him.

JUNNY kicked off the night with “Color Me”,  an original track that featured CHUNG HA on the album. Fans were immediately hooked, with JUNNY pointing at the crowd after the line “Cause you got what I need” and fans chanting back “To satisfy my needs”. And he definitely did. The crowd roared as he welcomed fans to the ‘blanc’ tour, cheering so loud that JUNNY exclaimed “Oh man. By far, the loudest crowd. I’m definitely coming back San Diego, make some noise!” With the loud, encouraging cheers of fans, the show continued on smoothly with “Obvious”. Before beginning “Not About You”, fans yelled out, “But girl it’s not about you,” per JUNNY’s instructions following the line “I don’t know what you’re on.” It was clear that besides from his amazing talent as a performer, he had the ability to engage the crowd. Following would be “Mugshot”, “AURA”, and “nostalgia”. Fans erupted into cheers with “nostalgia,” a song with JAY B, causing everyone to move and sway their arms.

JUNNY continued to showcase his impressive and smooth vocals with “By Your Side”, effortlessly hitting the high notes and even singing a bit of the song acapella. For the next song “MOVIE,” JUNNY created a beautiful “movie scene” by getting everyone to turn on their phone lights. The lights accompanied by the vocals from the crowd as they sang along created a moment that was touching and incomparable. The concert reached its peak when JUNNY performed songs “Say,” “Zone,” “Feel That,” and “For The Weekend” off his Vivid albums. Of course, it wouldn’t be a show without the artist throwing water into the crowd, and he did just that. Fans were hyped and pumped their hands in the air.

JUNNY continued to a little portion of his show where he took some fans’ song requests, singing a snippet of “Graduation” by NCT Dream and singing his most popular unreleased track “8barrelay”, sending the crowd into a frenzy. He wrapped up the show with “Thank You,” expressing his gratitude for his fans and stating that he’ll definitely be back. What surprised everyone was the fun didn’t end after the last song. Walking from one side of the stage to another, JUNNY did his best to reach as many fans as possible, signing everything from phones to shirts, posters, and arms. JUNNY gave his all to everyone as many walked away with some precious memories of him in their hands as well as in their hearts.

Check out more photos from the concert below!

Thank you to JUNNY, swimcoach, Justin Trash, Semmi, and Unbound Entertainment Group.

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