KINGDOM Captivates with 6th Mini Album "History of Kingdom: Part VI MUJIIN"

Ciera Reeves

Korean boy group KINGDOM released their latest album, "History of Kingdom Part VI: MUJIN," on March 23rd, with the music video for the title track 'Dystopia.'

It tells a captivating story of heroism and bravery set against the backdrop of a dystopian world. The album showcases KINGDOM's unique and intricate worldview of combining traditional Korean instruments with modern pop beats, creating a sound that has garnered them a loyal fanbase both in Korea and internationally.

Unlike the group’s name, KINGDOM, the album's kingdom expresses the situation of chaos and despair in which the divine tree loses vitality and light and withers and narrates the kings’ agony, tragedy, and sadness. From the first kingdom of "Rain" to the fifth kingdom of "Beauty," the sixth kingdom of "Cherry blossom" is a peaceful kingdom that has been overtaken by darkness and chaos.

The album's concept revolves around a dystopian world, where the member MUJIN of KINGDOM p
ortrays the lone king fighting and sacrificing himself to restore peace and light to the kingdom.

KINGDOM's attention to detail in their storytelling and performances has captivated audiences worldwide. Their strong vocals, impressive choreography, and ability to convey emotions through their music have earned them praise from fans and critics alike. 

Additionally, KINGDOM has created a universe where their concept of Tenno Mujin Legend is set. The universe includes a story that connects their music videos, choreography, and live performances.

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Listen to "History of Kingdom Part VI: MUJIN" on Spotify

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