[Review] BTS Jimin Gives us a Glimpse into the Rollercoaster of Fame with New Album Face

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Jimin is ready to embark on a new honest path with his debut solo album Face, the album was released on 24th March at 1 pm KST. The multi-talented member known for his angelic vocal range, incredible dance skills, bright smile, and stylish image saw a raw side to him through the concept photos, decorated in healing scars and ascending into the unknown exposed light. It was clear this was going to be a reflective and introspective look into his past. 

Opening with “Face-Off” it alludes to the sounds of a carousel, distorting into a vortex of it no longer being a fun ride. It’s akin to wanting to escape the circus life, taking his public face off and jumping straight into the track. It’s  strong and up-tempo, intense, and allows Jimin to growl out his frustrations. “Tonight I’m gonna not be sober… It’s all fucking over,”  Jimin wrote all lyrics for the album, with fellow member Namjoon credited as co-writer on tracks “Face-off” and “Like Crazy."

Descending into “Interlude: Dive” we dive into a cacophony of what can be described as past memories, him onstage addressing ARMYS accompanied by distinct lullaby sounds and soothing cords. To fans, it could be mirrored by the melody ”Blue Side” by fellow member J-Hope. Both explore memories and their true inner selves in and out of the spotlight. 

Talking to Vogue about how the album-making process has been a cathartic experience “I tried looking deep within myself and being as honest as possible with this album. Much of it’s based on my own experiences, but I hope everyone who listens finds it relatable and comforting. I’ve said somewhere that the songs RM wrote for his solo album, Indigo, which was released late last year, made me want to go for a bike ride.”

Evident in his second single “Like Crazy” (also in English for track 6) described as “intense synth sound and drum sound” the theme delves around being free yet seeing himself swept into the frenzy of fame. Singing “I’d rather be lost in the lights” the official music video shows how Jimin parties, drinks, and winds up alone. The beat is a more upbeat number and a hypnotizing dance track giving off a summer vibe akin to the dark lyrics. 

His recommendation for your first listening experience is similar to his “If you listen to RM’s album while cycling to your favorite coffee shop and then listen to my album while you’re there, it’ll be a perfect day. I promise!” Although I’ve yet to experience the coffee shop recommendation I would say this would be the perfect playlist.

Indigo reflects Namjoon's struggles and journey through his 20’s his track “Lonely” discusses the loneliness of hotel life. Jimin touches and reflects on this with the track “Alone” a soft and raw number, carried by the vocals that Jimin is renowned for. A sad message of his inner thoughts of himself and life in the spotlight:

The same day (The same day)

It flows again (It flows again)

How long do I have to endure it?

Can I go back to where I am from?

This cold and lonely night

Without thinking

I walk in my dark room alone

I said it was okay

I feel like I'm losing myself slowly."

The premise and goal of the album are for Jimin to indulge in an honest cathartic experience allowing us into his journey over the last ten years in the spotlight. The album takes us on a journey with ebbs and flows with a well-executed narrative rounding off nicely with the title track “Set Me Free Part 2.” The beauty is the acknowledgment of his thoughts and feelings, accepting just how he is, and being free from the constraints of himself and the life he’s lived up to today. It’s part of his story, finally free and ready for a fresh new, and exciting next chapter in his personal and professional life. 


Face- Off

Interlude: Dive

Like Crazy


Set Me Free Pt.2

Like Crazy (English version)

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