Monthly Roundup February 2023: Sunwoong, SERRI, Raina, and Yunsae

We start to see K-pop pick up again in February 2023 as the winter holidays start passing by. Notable comebacks in February included; Epik High, Taeyeon, STAYC, BSS, KEY, TRI.BE, E'LAST, FIFTY FIFTY, and the official debuts of tripleS, HAWW, and LIMELIGHT. The roundup is to bring attention to songs that you may have missed last month. 

Sunwoong - Let Me Out 

Singer Sunwoong released his 2nd Single Album "Please" with the title track 'Let Me Out' on February 1, 2023. the song expresses wanting to be relieved from loneliness. 

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Raina - Like Us Back Then 

On February 7, Raina (former After School and Orange Caramel) released her digital single 그때 우리처럼 (Like Us Back Then). The song reflects on a past relationship while remembering the happy times and feeling regrets. 

Yunsae - stardust 

Singer and producer Yunsae released her latest single 'stardust' from her 2nd EP album "Beyond the Universe" on February 19. The song compares a lover to stardust. The song was composed, written, and arranged by Yunsae herself. 

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SERRI - Spotlight

Dalshabet member and leader Serri, released her solo single 'Spotlight' on February 22. Spotlight is the second story of "Serri Days" and is 
characterized by a strong guitar sound and heavy Synths BASS sound after the dreamy yet rhythmical beginning of the song. She also performed the song on music shows. 

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