THE BOYZ Become Gen 4's Boy Group with the Most Music Show Wins

The Boyz are ROARING indeed.

The Boyz's recent comeback, “ROAR,” from their 8th Mini Album BE AWAKE, has earned them the title of the first Generation 4 boy group with the most wins on music shows! This week, The Boyz's “ROAR,” charted number 1 again, earning its fifth music show win on Music Bank putting them at 22 wins, the most wins compared to other Generation 4 groups. The last time The Boyz earned 5 wins on music shows was with their comeback “Maverick,” in which they became the first Generation 4 group to win EVERY music show.

Different from their recent refreshing albums, Thrill-ing and BE AWARE, ROAR shows an intriguing side of The Boyz. We are presented with charismatic choreography and divine lyricism.

Also welcoming the return of Eric from hiatus, fans were glad to see all 11 members back together for this renewing comeback.

After winning the competition show, Road to Kingdom and participating in the survival show Kingdom, The Boyz gained recognition across the world for their diverse concepts and prestigious choreographies. People are continuously looking forward to what The Boyz brings to the Kpop Industry as Kpop grows globally and reaches new heights. Exceeding performance expectations, The Boyz definitely brings the heat that keeps the Kpop Industry on fire. Be sure to check out their latest comeback “ROAR” and look forward to what The Boyz will bring to the Kpop Industry in the future.

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