[Review] BTS Jimin Set's Himself Free with Brand New Single "Set Me Free Part 2”

Kirsty Bright

It’s time for Jimin to be set free and one ARMYS have been looking forward to since chapter two began. With new releases, aplenty Jimin is up next with his new album Face. While the wait continues for the new album out on 24th March, the pre-release lead track “Set Me Free part 2” was released on 17th March at 1 pm KST, along with an official music video.

Countless teasers have dropped this week with little in the way of what to expect, the 32-second teaser for “Set Me Free” gave similar visual vibes to that of 2020’s smash hit “ON.” Visual posters showcased his bare face bearing one scar a connotation ran deep with Jimin being able to share his bare self with fans.

In a press release, Bighit describes it as “A hip-hop track that portrays Jimin’s resolution to free himself by overcoming the pain, sorrow, and emptiness hidden deep inside him. As the repeated lyrics “Set me free,” and “finally free” suggest, the core message of ‘freedom’ pierces through the song. The accompanying music video visually accentuates the track’s ambiance through explosive yet transcendentally controlled choreography by Jimin with a number of dancers in a circular space suggestive of a Panopticon.”

The video itself is a rollercoaster seeing a different unexpected darker side to Jimin, an exciting change that is warmly welcomed. The track itself is an empowering number that Jimin vocalizes strongly. Particularly “Going insane to stay sane” a reference to “ON” alongside choreography from solo hits connects to the past he’s freeing himself from. 

In an interview with Consequence, Jimin explained “We tried to express the grand scale of the song. “Set me free” means setting myself free, so it was important that I be the one to set myself free — not someone else. There's a song called “ON” by BTS. I think you'll feel the same vibe, you’ll feel that feeling once again.”

Scenes showcase Jimin shedding the shadows and darkness to enter the light to leave past fears behind. The director Oui Kim who directed “Interlude: Shadow” has created a mini-movie that highlights plenty of complex themes from the BTS universe. As a fan, it’s a fun treasure trove of hidden easter eggs that are intertwined to digest and delve into. 

The opening blasts you into a theatrical vortex thanks to the deep operatic tones of the accompanying gospel choir. It’s a powerful start that leads to Jimins vocals and cries of “Set me free” becoming stronger, empowering, and something of an earworm that will stick around.

Eventually, he breaks free from a quiet hidden self to an intense dance and his individuality in a sea of bodies. His chest is adorned with poetic words written by German poet Rainer Maria Rilke in the 1800’s quotes such as “I live my life in widening circles, in widening circles that reach out across the world.” This relates to the logo and premise of the visuals for the album 'Face' simply stating “Circle of Resonance. Reflection of vulnerable minds and unexposed wounds.”

Jimin revealed to Consequence the inner workings of “Set Me Free." "When this song was made, I felt really attached to it,” he recalls. “I went to the US myself for the choir recording, and listening to it right next to them was truly amazing. I remember it as a really good memory.”This album talks about how I look back on myself and how I overcame… If people understand the emotions I’m trying to express, I’ll consider the album a success,”

“Set Me Free” has left little in the way of what to expect with the album 'Face' but one thing is for sure, the listener has seen a sliver of just what new direction we will be hearing. Like his fellow members, this is a chance for him to be open and honest. Allowing us into his experiences in the spotlight over the last ten years. Jimin has always been a gentle and comforting figure for the fandom, this is his butterfly song, a chance for a new change. I for want can’t wait to hear what’s next. 

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Interview source: Consequence

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