SUPERKIND Debut New AI and Human Member with Latest Comeback "MOODY"

May S

SUPERKIND, a 7 member boy group under Deep Studio Entertainment, have made a comeback with "MOODY" under their second digital single "PlaySuperkind : Player Gauge 200".

Previously, the group was made up of 5 members -  Daemon, Eugene, Geon, SiO and AI member Saejin, who all debuted with the song "WATCH OUT". In their latest MV, two new members were added to the group - JDV and a new AI member Seung

JDV, seen with white hair, takes the position of dancer, vocalist and - being born in 2004 - the maknae of the group. Seung doesn't hold an official title as of yet. However, the member was heavily teased on the groups instagram and other social media channels, with fellow AI member Saejin

The MV story follows the 5 human members in a school setting, with Eugene as the main character. Soon after, Seung appears alongside a strange grandfather clock, which the story circles around. The song itself features an upbeat chorus with darker undertones, similar to the aesthetics of the MV. However, the roles played by the new members have an air of mystery around them - as JDV was initially shown being held up by string like a puppet, and with Seung taking a suspected antagonistic role, as shown in the end.

With the unique concept of mixing human and AI idols, it's no surprise that fans (aka PLAYERS) and curious onlookers alike look forward to their future developments. 

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