[Review] So!YoON! Creates Fire with New Single "Smoke Sprite (Feat Namjoon)"

So!YoON! Has dropped her new title track “Smoke Sprite” the lead track from her brand new solo 2nd Album ‘Episode 1: Love.’ The single dropped on 14th March at 6 pm KST, alongside a dark and aesthetically pleasing official music video. March 8th saw a 10-second fast-paced intense teaser the dramatic ending revealed the title “Smoke Sprite” featuring BTS’ leader Namjoon which was composed and written by both artists.

“Smoke Sprite” is an RnB soul number dominated not only by the guitar and bass but the powerful vocals that come from So!YoON! Her voice alone is a strong tool that grips the listener from the first note. The ability to use her vocal range to create various genres in one song is impressive. Adding the capability to harmonize with the synth of the guitars creates a dream-like narrative with the use of voice is incredible.

The official video is something of a visual art piece, aesthetically gripping and a fast-paced number the use of bodies, time, and multiple locations tells an intense story. So!YoOn! Encapsulates with her vocals, yet the video is a dark fantasy in contrast to her husky vocals. Joining the rhythm of So!YoOn!'s vocals RM appears in a junkyard and then finally ends back-to-back to harmonize alongside one another in the chorus.

Take on my knees

Stuck with you in your dreams

Tell me more, I could die

Take on like a beast


To the low, lower, low, ah, yeah

Don't run away, run away, yeah

Come to the low, lower, low

Drown in you

All the way, all the way, yeah

In a recent interview with Bandwagon Asia So!YoOn! Discussed the making of her album and the feature “With RM, I met with him naturally without any prior arrangements and we talked about our albums and listened to each other's music. He’s satisfied with the outcome of ‘Smoke Sprite.’ It was really fun writing the lyrics and making the chorus together. It is no exaggeration to say we truly made the song together.”

Namjoon has branched out on many collaborations and worked on many features with various artists. His latest album ‘Indigo’ gave a variety of fantastic features with his lead track "Wildflower" featuring the gorgeous vocals of Youjeen.

Not afraid to explore other genres he also featured (and my personal favorite) on Indie band Balming Tigers' “Sexy Nukim” for those who perhaps dont tend to delve into other genres this is the perfect stepping stone for those who wish to dip their toe in the pool.

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