Starship Ent. Confirms Luda and Dawon Remain Members of WJSN


Previously, Starship Entertainment announced that 5 members of WJSN (Xuanyi, Cheng XiaoMeiqi, Dawon and Ludawill not be renewing their contracts with the company. This news threw fans into shock at the idea of their favourite members not returning to the group. 

Two years after debut, Chinese members Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao and Meiqi had stopped actively promoting in the group in 2018, and focused on promoting in China with partner company Yuehua Entertainment, leaving behind 10 Korean members before Luda and Dawon announced they will be terminating their contracts.

However, on March 13th, active member Soobin appeared on the YouTube channel Han Moon Chul TV and announced that there are still "10 members" and that they "have always been 10." Ujung's joyously accepted the news, even more so when Starship further confirmed that "Luda and Dawon have not left WJSN." 

Luda and Soobin are also set to debut together as two members of a five-member virtual girl group FE:VERSE after competing on the survival show GIRL'S RE:VERSE. We look forward to seeing what the girls get up to next, and wish them all the best.

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