VROMANCE Releases First Single After Military Service "We Haven't Broken Up Yet"

VROMANCE Releases First Single After Military Service "We Haven't Broken Up Yet"


Vocal group Vromance have returned with their new song "We haven't broken up yet."

Vromance members (Park Jang-hyun, Park Hyun-kyu, Lee Hyun-seok) will release its digital single "We haven't broken up yet" on March 3. It is the first new song in about two years since "The Moment" in May 2021.

The new song, "We haven't broken up yet," is a ballad song that contains the lingering feelings left after the breakup and the feelings that are pouring in because they can't forget them all. The comfortable melody leads to a mournful song tailored to the drum section of the chorus, giving a deep afterglow.

In particular, as it is the first song that the members worked on together after being discharged from the military, the vocals that boast deeper maturity are impressive. Expectations are raised by the mellow sensibilities of Park Jang-hyun of National Singer, Park Hyun-kyu of Sing Again 2, and Lee Hyun-seok, a talented artist, who showed his presence as a vocalist.

Vromance who debuted in 2016 with the single "She" gained attention for their high quality vocals and also received a lot of love by presenting appealing emotional ballads such as "The Moment," "Always You," and "Same Night, Different Feelings." With solid and sophisticated vocals and perfect harmony like a "harmonious vending machine," attention is drawn to their meaningful comeback.

Meanwhile Vromance held a group Instagram live to commemorate the release of the new single and stated that member Yoon Euno is taking a break, but he was seen commenting in the live. 

Listen to "We haven't broken up yet" on Spotify.


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