xikers Debut with Mischievous MV "TRICKY HOUSE"

xikers, the newest KQ Entertainment boy group that everyone's been waiting for, have finally debuted with the MV for "TRICKY HOUSE".

Following their impressive performance at KCON 2023 in Thailand, the ten members (MinjaeJunminSuminJinsikHyunwooHunterJunghoonSeeunYujun and Yechan) left the global crowd curious as they waited for the groups official debut. On March 30th they finally released their first mini album "HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing" with the MV for "TRICKY HOUSE".

"TRICKY HOUSE" - or it's Korean title "도깨비집" meaning "goblin house" in Korean folklore - is a bold, energetic track with some Bollywood influences. The colourful MV utilises a subway car, tunnel, and car park full with graffiti for a cool urban feel, while the song powerfully takes center stage. The supernatural "goblin" elements also sneak in with wisps of blue spirit-like lights flying around, lending a trickster vibe.

The group went on to perform "TRICKY HOUSE" along with another track "XIKEY" on M Countdown, where they perfectly showcased their spirited choreography and playful charisma alongside both songs. 

With such an energetic track and perfectly in sync dancing, xikers have unsurprisingly caught the eye of many Kpop fans - and it's no doubt that they've got a promising career ahead. We'll for sure keep watch on what the young group will get up to next. 

For now, be sure to follow KpopWise for more updates. 

May S

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