[Album Review] Agust D is Unleashed for the Final Time in Album D-Day

It’s here D-day has arrived and sees the final chapter in the Agust D trilogy the album released on 21st April at 1 pm KST boasts an impressive ten tracklist. As BTS continue their solo debut album endeavors, ‘D-Day’ has been the album I’ve been most eager to hear. SUGA (Min Yoongi’s) alter ego August D is known for his diss tracks, fast-paced rap, and deep meaningful lyrics. With chapter two in full swing, Agust D is back to finish addressing the remaining anger Suga felt.

An electrifying start to the album reflects Suga's sentiments on letting go of the anger, “D-Day” whilst a charged song has elements of positivity. Reassuring himself that the future is going to be okay.  “Future's gonna be okay (Okay) Okay, okay, look at the mirror and I see no pain (No pain) I'd die for real 'til the D-Day. But it's gonna be okay (Okay) Time for some paycheck and I'm ridin' downtown Switch (Switch) over, (Over) time tickin' and over (Woo-ooh) Future's gonna be okay (Okay)” (1)

D-DAY' Concept Photo ‘Exister' Photo Credit: BighitMusic

The title track “Haeguem” was released alongside the album, and the music video  accompanied at 1 pm KST parallels the hit track “Daechwita.” The title track in Hanja means to lift the ban, with the connotation alluding to something previously suppressed being free and released.

Lyrics reflect that message “Really, what is it exactly that’s been restricting us? Maybe we do it to ourselves, Slaves to capitalism, slaves to money, Slaves to hatred and prejudice, Slaves to YouTube, slaves to flexin’, Selfishness, and greed have gone off the rails, I close my eyes and it's easy, it’s all so obvious. Opinions split depending on what's to gain, Everyone's been blinded by envy and jealousy. Without realizing that they're putting shackles on each other” (2

Introducing the video Min Yoongi explains how it follows on from “Daechwita” and is to end with the track “Amygdala.” All three are to be viewed in order once released “Haegeum” visually is a cinematic masterpiece that is a gangster's paradise. With nods to the 1983 film Scarface, and plenty of easter eggs from past music videos, the video ends on a cliffhanger questioning did the king really die.

Standout tracks are “Huh? Feat J-Hope,” “Amygdala” and “Snooze Feat Ryuichi Sakamoto and Woosung” all three vary in genre and show us the listener his emotional rollercoaster as Agust D over the last few years. “Huh? (Feat J-Hope)” feels like 2019’s “UGH!” younger sister, angry, emotionally charged, and as usual Suga and J-Hopes's raps blend into an energetic story.

'D-Day' Concept Photo 'Being' Photo Credit: Bighitmusic

Both rappers passionately talk of their time in the spotlight alongside the online rumors and slander within social media and media outlets “Yes, the Internet world and reality are quite different, live your life…Please check your shit first. Many articles and gossip, the villain in the information age, If reality is a gutter, get out of it I pray that even you'll do well” (3)

Snooze takes us on an emotional journey the opening notes of the piano with Agust Ds gentle rap are taken up a notch with the powerful moving vocal cords of Woosung. A track that allows him to talk about his dream, those who dare to dream and are scared with comforting and encouraging lyrics. “I hope your dream won't just be left as a dream, whenever wherever I’ll cheer you on.” 

Elements of past songs from albums ‘Agust D’ and ‘D-2’ are encrypted throughout this deep track. Concluding with lyrics of 2016’s “So Far Away” singing “Dream, I will be there for your creation 'til the end of your life, Dream, Be generous, wherever you might be Dream, You will fully bloom, after all the hardships, Dream, The beginning may be weak, but the end may be great Dream.”

Whilst on IU’s Palette he described how "Snooze" acts as a letter to the younger generation of idols in the music industry. “Don't ever laugh at other's scandals cos that might happen to you someday, your success will become your shackles.”

During his Disney+ interview for the documentary ‘Road to D-Day’ out on 21st April Min Yoongi describes the making of D-Day "As I mentioned before, until now, I have made albums out of my personal trauma or anger, but I think this album is what I organized my pieces from a more mature point of view. And in a way, I am completely liberated by those negative feelings. I feel very light and free."

Road To D-Day. Photo Credit: Disney+

‘D-Day’ tells us a personal narrative alongside social commentary of who Agust D was, how Suga is today, and how the pain and feelings from years before have transitioned into peace. Two weeks before release fans were treated to the pre-release “People Part 2” featuring beloved Korean singer IU. The song is a follow-up to “People” from the second album ‘D-2’ in 2020. The track was a favorite of Suga's and ARMYS' exploring the depth of questioning the people we meet throughout our lives and how we see ourselves have changed. 

This theme is evidently clear throughout the album Min Yoongi has shed his alter ego of Agust D and accepted himself as he enters his 30s. He quote’s his negative thoughts disappeared once in Pyeongchang the location for filming In The Soop season 1. Both Agust D and Suga can live freely alongside Min Yoongi the man behind his stage name/alter egos. Agust D allowed the anger felt during the years of BTS slated, allowing his alter ego to say things Idol Yoongi himself could not. 

D-day Tracklist

Since the announcement of BTS’s chapter two journey, each solo album has allowed them to be creatively free, creating songs that not only reflect their own style but tell an untold narrative personal to them. With this being the fourth solo album in chapter two, one would think the eclectic variety from the members is much needed. The raw and emotional storytelling from each has allowed the fans to see a different side to them. 

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