LONELEE Races Away with "Love Phobia" feat. GOLDBUDDA

On April 20, musician LONELEE released his latest single, "LOVE PHOBIA." "LOVE PHOBIA" is a song emphasizing “relationships”. Everyone struggles with love, breaking up with someone and make love with other. It talks about a bad break up with someone, and being afraid that even if he meet someone it will end the same situation as before.

He is trying to get rid of his ‘ex’ from his head, and to not to have the same attitude towards a new girlfriend. Over a chill, retro guitar pop and Jersey club production by 801, LONELEE’s wet vocals make a  more depressed sound, and GOLDBUUDA from Sauce Cartel, featured rap expressing outrage. 

The song gained attraction after LONELEE teased it on Instagram, making High Quality footages as usual. LONELEE is leading into a high demand for the song to be released and a high jump in terms of LONELEE's social media following. He is releasing a ‘remix’ in June for more engaging social short-form platforms.

Check out the music video below! 



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Ciera Reeves

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