EPEX Releases 5th EP, Prelude of Love Chapter 2: Growing Pains and Sunshower Music Video

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EPEX has made a comeback with their 5th EP, Prelude of Love Chapter 2. Growing Pains on April 26, 2023. This EP serves as a direct continuation of the story being told in their previous releases BIPOLAR Pt. 2 Prelude of Love and Prelude of Love Chapter 1. Puppy Love. Prelude of Love Chapter 2. Growing Pains details the process of boys going through their first breakup. Track by track, the EP takes you through the different stages of emotions one goes through during their first heartbreak.

 “It’s a comeback after six months since “Hymn to Love,” so I’m very nervous. I like the atmosphere of our title song, so I’m even more excited about the comeback. We hope that ZENITH will look forward to us as much as we prepared with love and hard work.” - BAEKSEUNG, member of EPEX
“I’m happy and excited to show our fans our new concept and music. Even though it is the 4th comeback, our trembling and anticipating hearts have become clearer. We will make more comebacks with diverse concepts in the future, but as this moment will never return, we will do our best for this comeback.” - WISH, leader of EPEX

The EP includes four new tracks, with the title track called “여우가 시집가는 날 (Sunshower).” It tells the story of a boy who is going through a painful breakup for the first time. “여우가 시집가는 날 (Sunshower)” is an up-tempo Pop-Dance song featuring funky guitar beats, a fresh brass sound and the EPEX members’ energetic vocals.

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