Yeeun Who Just Had Her Solo Debut, "I want to say thank you to the fans who waited."

  Photo Cr. Super Bell Company

Singer Yeeun’s (Jang Yeeun) first solo activity is cruising.
Yeeun released her solo debut single ‘The Beginning’ last April 13th through various local and international music streaming channels.
The title "Cherry Coke" is a confident love song colored in Yeeun's unique red, and its distinctive vocals are impressive. With a strong beat and bass as foundation, the sound of opening a can stands out, it’s born as a strongly addictive hip-hop number where the sweetness of cherry and the thrill of carbonation coexist.

Moreover, the single also included "Strange Way To Love," which was released ahead. The song is about the love between the fans and the artists so she is dedicating it towards her fans. Through it, Yeeun would like to express her love towards her fans who have waited for a long time.

In addition, the "Cherry Coke" MV released on her company Super Bell Company's official YouTube channel has surpassed more than 10 million views by April 24, boasting artist Ye-eun's potential, and proving the interest of local and overseas k-pop fans towards her.

Through her agency, Yeeun has expressed that “I'm happy to greet you through good music for the first time in a while. As this is my first time standing on stage alone, it seems a bit unfamiliar to me, but I will enjoy it as much as I worked hard on it, and I'd also like to thank the fans who have waited through amazing performances”. Moreover, she said that "I ask for your continuous love and support for my first single 'The Beginning' and its title song 'Cherry Coke which I prepared with love.'"

Eight years after debuting with the group CLC in 2015, Yeeun made her official solo and announced a new beginning with "The Beginning." Attention is focusing on what "taste of luck" Yeeun will continue to show, from the four-leaf clover and the butterfly in her official logo, the title of her album which means a new beginning, to her single Cherry Coke showing her strong wings.
Coloring the K-pop scene with cherry flavor, Yeeun continues her activities and performances with "Cherry Coke."


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