[Exclusive Interview] AIDEN and KEYDOM Drive Forward to the Next Chapter with 'Car'


On March 3rd, the single ‘CAR’ was released off EXPOSITION’s compilation album after the success of ‘flyaway’ (w/ Aleebi, juhye, melatonin boy, siopaolo, & Nomichit) and ‘Digits’ (w/ myno & jonnee), which received a combined 350k+ streams on Spotify, a unique achievement for a completely start-up & independent project that began less than a year ago. 

The hybrid Hip Hop and R&B track, ‘CAR’ offers a unique collaboration between two artists separated by wholly different continents and ethnic cultures, brought together by the EXPOSITION community and network. Gliding and merging the line between singing and rapping, both Germany-based singer/rapper/producer Keydom and Korean artist AidEn showcase their eccentric personalities through their verses and inflections.

Listen to 'Car' 

KpopWise got a chance to chat with both Keydom and Aiden about this collaboration track and to learn more about them as artists. 

It's awesome to meet you! Can you introduce yourself to the KpopWise audience?

AIDEN: Hello, I’m AIDEN. I’m doing R&B music in Korea.

KEYDOM: Hey, I’m the Vietnamese/Serbian singer-songwriter/producer KEYDOM!


How do you describe your style as an artist?

AIDEN: I try different things every time, but most of my music is basically based on R&B style.

KEYDOM: I would say I’m an allrounder who likes to make songs with couple of climax and build-up moments whether I sing, rap or make the beat.


When did you start music?

AIDEN: I started making beats when I was 13. I wanted to sing or rap since then, but I didn’t think I’d be great at it at that time. I started to sing and write R&B songs when I was 15.

KEYDOM: I started with beat making at middle school, started to rap in 2017 and picked up singing, recording, mix and master when the pandemic happened.


What is your creative process like?

AIDEN: The first step I take to make a song is to find a beat, which takes a lot of time for me(since I’m a picky person). And then I make toplines and write lyrics at a time.

KEYDOM: Since I mostly do the beats first I always start off with a very catchy chord progression and start to build hooks with memorable lyrics and build the whole song off of that!


Can you tell us about your single ‘Car’?

AIDEN: Car has a dialogical meaning in its lyrics. It’s about showing off a foreign car and also about starting a new chapter in life. 

KEYDOM: It’s basically about starting a new chapter in life while reminiscing about past traumas and past relationships. Car is a metaphor for mindset.

“I don’t go on a trip with an old car. with the foreign car”

I’m not moving forward with my old mindset but with a fresh new one.


How did this collaboration come about?

AIDEN: I saw my guy Keydom, who I didn’t know at that time, posted his work on the EXPO discord server. I liked the song and thought the beat was perfect for me, so I hopped on it. It was so nice working with Keydom. He always spreads his energy everywhere, and that’s what I like about him.

KEYDOM: I kinda felt depressed on new years eve and felt like I never finish songs in 2022! So ‘car’ was like a little fun side project on the 2th January to see if I can finish a song under couple days! But I felt like I needed someone for the second verse so I dropped an open verse in the EXPOSITION discord server! A  couple of days later AIDEN send his verse in and I knew it was more than just a little side project!

Aiden opening in Berlin for Junny's European tour. 

What are hobbies that you like to do other than work on music?

AIDEN: I learn different languages and watch Netflix.

KEYDOM: I’m really into gaming, mostly immersive role-play games or gacha games. I’m also very invested into fashion and tattoos.


Is there a style of music you haven’t tried yet that you would like to?

AIDEN: I think I’ve already tried whatever I’d like to do. It’s time to dig my own way.

KEYDOM: Either very slow sad R&B, Hyperpop or very aggressive Trap/HipHop.


What are your goals for 2023?

AIDEN: I don’t have special goals for 2023. I’ll just continue what I have been doing. I’m planning to make serious moves in 2024 though. R&B szn coming !!

KEYDOM: Releasing songs regularly and slowly building up my fanbase! also slowly building up my confidence in life! (also more tattoos)


What can we expect from you next? 

AIDEN: There’re so many things I haven’t done yet. Single, EP, Album, and anything else you want from me, you can expect from me.

KEYDOM: I have a lot of songs with other EXPOSITION artists in the work which are pretty much done and set for release! I also featured in a couple of songs of artists too so look forward to my features also!


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Special thanks to Keydom, Aiden, and EXPOSITION for granting us this interview!

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