[Review] Padi Depicts the Sourness of Love with New Single 'LEMON'


Amoeba Culture’s newest artist Padi joins forces with SOLE and MINO in his new single “LEMON.” Released on March 30, “LEMON” is the second pre-released track following the single “HANDSOME (feat B.I, Nucksal, Kid Milli, Gaeko),” which was released in 2022 through Amoeba Culture's "The Seed" project. Both singles are from his anticipated full-length album, which gives fans a peek at what Padi has been creating.

Padi was first recognized as a music producer through MBC “Infinite Challenge” History X Hip Hop Project called “Infinite Challenge Great Heritage” where he produced the track ‘Your Night (feat OHHYUK)’ in 2016. He is well known for his produced hits “1/N (feat Dynamicduo)” and “VVIP (feat SIk-K, Gaeko)” for “Show Me The Money 6,” and as a part of the hip-hop crew "White Noise Club" formed by B.I, a former member of iKON.

Opposite of Padi’s previous hip-hop tracks, “LEMON” shows a softer side with SOLE’s buttery smooth vocals. Amoeba Culture states that the song “tells the story of a complicated relationship between a man and a woman who struggle between meeting as friends or as lovers.” Even though it’s “a soft love song that depicts delicate emotions between a man and woman,” MINO’s calm rap blends in and creates a flow that you can’t help but vibe to.

The music video released with the track shows the two sides of these complicated feelings of love. From the side of masking feelings and pretending to be happy as friends to going crazy inside by keeping the feelings secret. It starts out showing exciting, happy emotions with scenes of bright colors in a retro, home video setting and eventually fades to darker scenes of drinking and loneliness as emotions set in as the lovers decide to stay “secretly in love.”

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