[Exclusive Interview] Delve into G2's Life: Music, Artistry and the Stage

Karly B

Fresh off his LA performances with Justin Park, Junoflo, and Year of the Ox, rapper G2 has graciously spoken to KpopWise again. This time we delve in deeper with the talented artist to discuss more about his music, artistry, latest collaborations and other topics related to his stellar career.

Thank you so much for speaking with me and KpopWise. How did you get started in music, and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue rap as a career?

I didn’t have enough funds to go to the school I wanted after high school, so I took a year in community college while still working on music and eventually decided to pursue it full-time.


Your latest singles, such as “X&Oz” and Dale Denton” feature collaborations with other artists such as Junoflo. How do you approach collaborations, and what do you look for in a potential collaborator?

We’re all great friends, we hang out all the time, work together, and share our individual works and so all the collaborations happen very naturally.


You've been a part of the Korean hip-hop scene for several years now. How have you seen the scene evolve and grow during your time in it, and what do you think sets it apart from other hip-hop scenes around the world?

Like all fads and trends, it changes over time for the better or worse. It’s the same everywhere more or less.


You're known for your energetic and engaging live performances. What do you enjoy most about performing, and how do you prepare for shows?

It’s awesome to see there are people out there that give a genuine interest in your life and art. Everybody is here for that moment, and it’s very exciting to know that I’m the guy on stage that shifts the energy for the whole room.


Your music videos often feature creative visuals and hardcore rapper themes. Can you tell us more about your creative process when it comes to creating music videos?

It all depends on the song and the ideas shared with other creatives involved. I normally work closely with homies around me and we try to have fun and make it as dope as possible.


What can fans expect from your upcoming projects, and what are your long-term goals for your music career?

More music and more art!


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your music and creative process, and how have you adapted to these changes?

I think COVID put a lot of things into perspective for everyone.


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Just do it!


You once mentioned in an interview with Eric Nam that your mom helped to support your musical career. What does she think of your level of success?

She’s a great mom. She supports me in whatever I do. She’ll be happy with me being happy.


Do you have a message that you would like to convey to your fans?

Follow me and the boys, Juno, Justin, and the YOX, stay tuned because all of us have great things ready to go! Thank you for the support and love.


A big thank you again to G2 for speaking with me and KpopWise.


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