5 Reasons to be Friendz with TRENDZ

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With their comeback in full swing, TRENDZ is making waves with the brand-new single “NEW DAYZ.” The single released on 15th March was the title track for their 2nd single album Blue Set Chapter. NEW DAYZ’ marking the next and final chapter in the Blue Set trilogy. 

Trendz debuted in January 2022 with their debut single “TNT (Truth & Trust.)” The current comeback aims to highlight TRENDZ as a trendsetter group with innovative concepts. That they did, the official music video for the single “NEW DAYZ” has generated over 10 million views in a little under three weeks. The current promotion has seen some fun content giving us glimpses into who the boys are. So here are some short and sweet reasons to become Friendz with Trendz.


Firstly the fandom's name is lovingly named Friendz, who will act as a dear friend who will go through everything together with TRENDZ. The band consists of seven members Hankook (Leader, Rapper, and Visual), Havit (Vocalist), Leon ( Lead Vocalist and Main dancer) Yoonwoo (Vocalist and Visual) ra.L (Rapper) Eunil (Main Vocalist,) and Yechan ( Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Maknae.) In a short time, the band dubbed a ‘Fourth generation K-pop Front runner' won the ‘AAA Focus 2022 award’ for the presence of the next-generation K-pop Hero. This year the group were appointed as the 2023 Global Eco-friendly Public Relations ambassadors. They aim to establish themselves as idols who actively promote eco-friendliness and take the lead in environmental protection spreading good influence.

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Blue Set: The Chapters

What I love about the band is the intertwined discography that correlates as chapters. The Blue Set chapters are a universe narrative exploring Neverland and the emotions on that journey. Beginning with their debut mini-album (Blue set Chapter 1. Tracks) a great opener into what the band and led the way with the title track ‘“TNT (Truth & Truth.)”  After their quick success, their next single saw them gain increasing attention with the hit “WHO [吼]” (‘Blue Set Chapter 2. Choice.) This new chapter saw them explore a darker concept with the video to match.

Next followed the intense and high-energy single “Vagabond” from ‘Blue Set Chapter. Unknown Code’ explores the theme of feeling lost and confused choosing to be a vagabond by not being compliant with the status quo. Finally leading to the final chapter and their new comeback with the 2023 release ‘Blue Set Chapter. New Dayz.'

High-Level Conceptual Music Videos

The band's name TRENDZ aims to lead the trend of Gen-Z within their music videos. If you love high-paced choreographed conceptual dance numbers, then TRENDZ music videos are a dream. My favorite single and accompanying official video is “WHO[吼]” the perfect introduction to the group. The song itself is a blend of fast-paced energy, crisp vocals, and rap whilst allowing you to see each member shine individually.

The chorus is catchy from the get-go and will have you wanting to learn the moves in no time. Alongside their official music videos, enjoy delving into the vast and varied dance covers from BTS to EXO that the boys released before their debut. Their Youtube playlist is organized wonderfully into playlists for you to get stuck into. 

Trendy? Trendz: The Variety Show

If you like chaos then tune into the band's weekly variety show ‘Trendy? Trendz’ the show now in its second season is a fun way to get to know each member in depth. Each episode shows their loud and colorful personalities that’ll have you falling for their charm. 

Alongside this, there is plenty of fun video content to consume, check out their ‘What's in my bag’  and ‘Zoom out’ segments. Each allows you to fall down the rabbit hole of the TRENDZ universe of fun and varied behind-the-scenes content.

 Music Shows

No promotion is complete without a good music show and the comeback promotions for the single “NEW DAYZ” saw the group feature on a variety of music shows. Wowing audiences on INKIGAYO and Mcountdown with their tight in-sync dance routines catching the eye of critics. Their performances also highlight just how musically diverse their singles have been over the years. 

Alongside promoting NEW DAYZ, a handful of fun Tik Tok dance challenges have dropped during their active activities and promotions. The boys got many stars involved such as
KAI, OnlyOneOf, Tan, and NMIXX to name a few.

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