Fantagio to Debut New Boy Group LUN8 First Half of 2023

Ciera Reeves

Fantagio's 8-member rookie boy group has confirmed its team name as LUN8.

The agency Fantagio opened LUN8's official YouTube channel and released logo motion videos and identity films since April 1. 

LUN8 is a team name that means "eight boys with moonlight that brightens up the dark night." Like the moon emitting brilliant romance and light in the night sky, it contains Lunate's bold ambition and confidence to deliver positive energy with music completed with attractive emotional voices and powerful stages.

The logo motion video also features the shape of the moon wearing dazzling light. The rotating moon sparkles magically, and an oval reminiscent of the silver team name "LUN8" and orbit appears, completing the official logo of LUN8.

The identity film, which was released under the title of "i-Teen 2023, Grow-up LUN 8," showed LUN8 playing basketball.

LUN8 which has attracted keen attention from global fans just by releasing its logo, is expected to cause a perceptual change in the K-pop world in 2023 with its solid skills and outstanding visuals.
LUN8 is the first rookie boy group seven years after Astro, and is set to debut in the first half of the year.

Currently, the members are being introduced over time in a series of profile photos and YouTube shorts on their official SNS channels. 

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