[Review] OnlyOneOf Heats up Chicago with Electrifying Performance

Micah Simmons For KpopWise 

As the sun set on Chicago's suburbs, a line wrapped around the club, Park West. Eagerly waiting in line, OnlyOneOf's dedicated fanbase, LyOns,  eagerly anticipated the group's upcoming performance, ready to witness them pouring their hearts out on stage. Their passion overflowed the already-filled venue with an aura of love, energy, and positive vibes. As the lights dimmed, the roars of LyOns grew even louder. With a prosperous presence, OnlyOneOf took control of the venue as their electrifying performance shook the building. 

The sextet kicked off their three-hour concert with their latest title track, "SeOul Drift," igniting the crowd's energy. The crowd sang every bit of the song as the group moved into their intense choreography, electrifying the stage. Their black outfits, though different from the red ones worn in their previous show, were no less seductive and stunning, adding to the sensual vibe of their music. Their first song left the audience mesmerized and ready for the rest of the show. 

Micah Simmons For KpopWise 

After pausing to greet the ecstatic crowd and express their excitement for their first-time Chicago show, OnlyOneOf took us into "Savanna," a fiery and seductive performance. The sextet's hips moved like fluid in unison, completely dominating the stage. The backdrop of palm trees and sunset, illuminated on a large screen, transported the crowd into a beach paradise. Following "Savanna," OnlyOneOf smoothly transitions into "Sage," which, unlike "Savanna," is packed with a heavy bassline that brings the energy to the stage. The pulsating beats and intense synths add an edge to the performance.  

Micah Simmons for KpopWise

Following their dark and sensual sound, "dOra maar (English version)," "chrOme hearts," and "designer" took over the crowd. With everyone in the audience knowing every word, the venue became one as we sang in unison. The collective passion from lyOns showed the unity of the fandom and the love they share for OnlyOneOf.

KB wowed the audience with his performance of his solo song, "Be Free." He shredded his jacket and opted for a prop microphone on a stand. The rest of OnlyOneOf acted as backup dancers, adding a sense of collaboration to the performance. The performance even gave us a dance break with KB and Yoojung, showcasing their chemistry and adorable stage presence. Meanwhile, ly0ns sang along to every word, acting as the perfect backup singers. Nine shadowed KB with a solo performance of his song "beyOnd." This performance also featured a dance between two members; Nine and Mill used the entire stage to show their intense chemistry. Both solo performances showed that it is clear that the OnlyOneOf members share a deep bond both on and off stage. 

As we arrived at the last song, "libidO" gave us a performance to remember. The spicy track featured members using a rope to tie each other up and caress their bodies sensually, leaving the crowd astonished. The seductive aspect of this song, along with the intense choreography showcased the group's artistry and stage presence.

OnlyOneOf gives their goodbyes before leaving the stage, but any Kpop fan knows the show isn't over until the lights come on. The crowd shouted "encore" and cheered until the group appeared on stage for the last time, now dressed in more casual clothing. OnlyOneOf spent their last moments with Chicago lyOns singing "angel," "time leap," and " blOssOm." "Time Leap" was the only time that night when OnlyOneOf got to share a sentimental moment with their fans. They guided the audience to wave their hands and fully immerse themselves in the song as a disco ball became fully illuminated, coating the venue with beautiful sparkles. It was a beautiful ending to a night shared with their beloved lyOns.

OnlyOneOf's first time in Chicago was a success, with a sold-out show packed from top to bottom. Chicago lyOns truly showed their support for their group, making it a night to remember for both sides. 

Photography by Micah Simmons 

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