Moon Bin of ASTRO Has Passed Away at 25

Ciera Reeves

Moonbin of ASTRO and Moonbin & Sanha has been reported to have passed away on April 19, 2023 at age 25.

As reported by the Seoul Gangnam Police on at approximately 8:10PM KST, Moonbin was discovered deceased by his manager who called the police. 

Following the news Moonbin's agency confirmed his passing with their statement: 

Fantagio Music, the agency, said on its official social networking service account in the early morning of the 20th, "We apologize for the sad and heartbreaking news," adding, "Astro member Moon Bin suddenly left us on the 19th and became a star in the sky."

"It is incomparable to the sadness of the bereaved families who left their beloved sons and brothers, but all Astro members, fellow artists and executives and employees of Fantagio, who have been together for a long time, are deeply mourning the deceased in such great sadness and shock,"

"It's even more heartbreaking to tell you the sudden news to the fans who cheered for Moon Bin and gave him generous love,  I'm more heartbroken than anyone else because I know the heart of the deceased who always loved and thought of the fans."

The agency said, "We sincerely ask you to refrain from speculative reports and malicious reports so that bereaved families who are in great sadness can reverently commemorate and greet the deceased."

Finally, they said, "According to the will of the bereaved families, the funeral will be attended by family relatives and company colleagues and held as quietly as possible," adding, "Once again, I send my deepest condolences on the last way of the deceased."

Born in 1998, Moonbin debuted as a child actor an appeared in TVXQ's music video "Balloons" in 2006 and in the KBS 2TV drama "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009, and later debuted as a boy group Astro in 2016 and has been active until recently. 

His younger sister Moon Sua is also active as a member of the girl group Billlie. Additionally Mystic Story shares that Billlie's events and activities planned for this week has been cancelled or postponed. 

KpopWise sends our condolences to Moonbin's family, friends, fans. 

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