BOYS PLANET Reveals Debut Lineup and Group Name

Ciera Reeves

On the night of April 20 the finale of the survival show Boys Planet aired on Mnet. The show began February 2nd bringing together 98 trainees from around the globe split into two teams K for Korean and G for Global to compete for a spot in the nine member boy group.  
The final voting was split between 50% Korean and 50% Global votes. 

The final ranking for the group includes. 
  1. Zhang Hao (Yuehua Entertainment) G
  2. Sung Han Bin (STUDIO GL1DE) K
  3. Seok Matthew (MNH Entertainment) G
  4. Ricky (Yuehua Entertainment) G
  5. Park Gun Wook (Jellyfish Entertainment) K
  6. Kim Tae Rae (WAKEONE) K
  7. Kim Gyu Vin (Yuehua Entertainment) K
  8. Kim Ji Woong (Individual Trainee) K
  9. Han Yu Jin (Yuehua Entertainment) K
Additionally, the group's official name was revealed to be ZEROBASEONE also known as ZB1

The group's contract is to last 2 years and 6 months. 

Congratulations to the 9 boys! Did your favorite make it into the group? 

Follow ZB1 on their official accounts here !

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