Roundup March 2023: gyuahh, CIFIKA, Woolenciah, and KUHAN

March marked the pick up of K-pop releases after a slow down from the holidays. Notable releases include TWICE, Cherry Bullet, OnlyOneOf, TRENDZ, SUPERKIND and KINGDOM. Meanwhile, solo albums from KAI, ONEW, Jimin, YUJU, and Jisoo made huge splashes. Among those releases here are some more tracks that road the waves of the influx of new songs in March. 

KUHAN - "I Can Do This All Day" 

On March 2, KUHAN’s 4th single "I Can Do This All Day" was released. After three single albums in 2022 and he has continued various music activities such as OST and featuring. Together with producer Norway Elephant, who has collaborated on many works, the song transcends the sensibility shown so far and throws a new style and a new message at a fast tempo. 

If you fall, stand up again and go to the end.

“I Can Do This All Day”

KUHAN married singer FX on April 9, congratulations to the couple!

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Woolenciah - "Ethics" 

On March 3 rapper Woolenciah released his single and music video for "도덕" (Ethics). In the video, he can be seen making steady strides while rapping on a treadmill in various locations. 

"Still walking time with the same stride."

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gyuahh - ms. edcalls 

On March 5 RnB pop singer gyuahh released the nusic video for her song "ms. calls" from her debut EP album "FRAGILE (handle with love)" which was released on February 7. The song shows the struggles of separating from an ex-relationship or 'situationship'. 

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CIFIKA - "Hush"

Singer and producer CIFIKA released their latest album "ION" on March 15. The ten-track album includes the title track 'Hush' which has an accompanying music video with a futurist theme perfectly matching the song's vibe and showing off a dynamic dance. 

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