[Exclusive Interview] JUNNY Explains What it Means to be an Optimist

 Photo Cr: JUNNY in San Diego by Taman Khuc for KpopWise

On March 13 musician JUNNY released his single "Optimist" featuring the rapper Blase ahead of his European tour after a successful North American tour in late February. JUNNY performed in 13 cities from London, Stockhom, Vienna, Milan to Paris and fans were able to enjoy the song. 

Among JUNNY's busy tour schedule KpopWise caught up with the singer-songwriter to learn more about "Optimist" and what makes him feel optimist. 

Welcome back Junny! Can you tell us about your new single, 'Optimist' featuring Blase? How did this collaboration come about?

JUNNY: My new single is called “Optimist (Feat. Blase)” and it’s about staying optimistic in a society where it feels like everything is going downhill. Others may say that you’re delusional, but I think we need a little bit of optimism in life to keep moving forward. And I wrote this song to show the bright side for our generation. In terms of the collaboration, we always wanted to do a song together and I was finally able to figure out the style that fit for both of us and we got to work. Blase is an amazing rapper, hyeong, and a humble person and I gotta thank him for bringing this song to life.

Check out the charming and candid 'Optimist' music video showing behind the scenes moments!

In Optimist you even rapped a bit, do you want to try more rapping in the future?

JUNNY: I honestly just wanna do whatever feels comfortable for me, I don’t like limiting myself to a certain genre, and if I feel like I am confident enough to attempt a certain style in my songs, I’m down. 

What is something that makes you feel optimistic?

JUNNY: Being able to do this as a career in knowing that I have my loving fans, supporting me, and continuing to listen to my music. They gave me so much energy and they’re the reason why I work really hard to bring them the best music I can make. They are my main source of optimism.

Photo Cr: JUNNY in San Diego by Taman Khuc for KpopWise

You've done a lot at a young age, is there something you've set as a goal?

JUNNY: I’ve set many goals throughout my life and I’m continuing to make new ones as I go along my career. Luckily, I’ve been able to successfully achieve these goals and hopefully, I’ll be able to continue on achieving these goals I’ve set for myself till the day I die

As you wrap up your European tour. Are there any memorable moments in particular?

JUNNY: It’s actually my first time in Europe, and to see fans out here, listening to my songs and singing along to each lyric I’m just so mesmerized by the love and support. Every show has been a dream. Come true and I’m just thankful that I’m able to come out here and perform for them. My fans deserve so much.

What is your must-have item while on tour?

JUNNY: A can of Red Bull before every show and lots and lots and lots of water and hot tea.

What can we look forward to from you next?

JUNNY: After the tour, I’ll be coming back very soon with a new single, and this one is very special to me because I know my fans are anticipating it as well. I can’t wait for you to hear what I got for 2023, and hopefully, you’ll accept my invitation.

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Thank you to Junny, Mauve Company and REELS Corporation for the interview. 

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