15+ Iconic Kpop Songs to Introduce to Friends Dipping into The Hallyu Wave

Kpop is a mix of different types of music beautifully concocted into its very own genre. From Psy's Gangnam Style that flooded global airwaves to BTS's domination in the music charts, it's difficult not to take notice of its contagious sound and influence wherever you may be. But although already widely popular, we can't turn our heads from some who may still be indifferent to Korean Pop's diversity. So, for friends finally diving into the colorful world of Hallyu, KpopWise runs down fifteen (and more) popular bops from first to fourth-generation Kpop that you can share with friends and leave them asking for more. Word of warning: nostalgia at its finest!

1. "Nobody" - Wonder Girls (1st Gen)

Time to relearn the point-clap-clap-point dance step. Though already disbanded, Wonder Girls' songs will forever live in the hearts of young and old fans alike.

2. "No. 1" - BoA (1st Gen)

A legend in the Kpop Industry, BoA is one to look up to. She's surpassed barriers with her pop music, not only in both Korea and Japan but also in the US.

3. "Sorry Sorry" - Super Junior (2nd Gen)

The group has come a long way from their cow-licked hairstyles in the "Sorry Sorry" black and white music video, and it will never not fascinate fans. Super Junior is still pretty active in the industry, so keep an eye out for projects here and there.

4. "Fantastic Baby" - Big Bang (2nd Gen)

G Dragon's seaweed hair made its debut appearance in the "Fantastic Baby" music video, somehow making the song even more unforgettable than it already is.

5. "Good Day" - IU (2nd Gen)

A song about being too shy to confess to the one she likes, "Good Day" is one of those lovely songs that are difficult to forget.

6. "I Am The Best" - 2NE1 (2nd Gen)

If you're into songs exuding power, then this is for you. 2NE1 is known for crushing stereotypes in Kpop girl groups, being the first to contrast sexy and cute concepts with tough chick style and presence.

7. "Ring Ding Dong" - SHINee (2nd Gen)

SHINee's distinct sound never disappoints, and their 2009 hit "Ring Ding Dong" will forever be in the realm of songs that give you earworms. No complaints here!

8. "Growl" - EXO (3rd Gen)

EXO's songs match their charm and charisma and have the world growling and howling for them for years on end.

9. "Psycho" - Red Velvet (3rd Gen)

Fierce and feisty meets sleek and classy--this is what you get with Red Velvet's smooth vocals and style.

10. "Dynamite" - BTS (3rd Gen)

If you haven't heard of "Dynamite" yet, you're indeed missing out! Sang in full English and a catchy tune, "Dynamite" cut across language barriers and effortlessly forged its way to the top of the Hot 100.

11. "The Feels" - Twice (3rd Gen)

A fun upbeat song that just makes you want to stand up and dance, "The Feels" by Twice is a go-to for when you feel like there's so much love you want to give.

12. "Pink Venom" - BLɅϽKPIИK (3rd Gen)

Blackpink's comeback didn't just announce their return but also made everyone know they're here to rule the charts all over again. 

13. "God's Menu" - Stray Kids (4th Gen)

Stray Kids songs are distinct from the get-go, from the background beats to the sound of their voices. This 4th Gen group holds so much power and they let it loose every time they release a new song.


"DARARI", which also has a remix version, is a wholesome bop that will remind you of cute teen angst and first loves.

15. "Hype Boy" - NewJeans (4th Gen)

You can never not dance to "Hype Boy". NewJeans' song is one to play any time of the day with its cheery tunes and matching fun dance steps.

More songs to add to your playlist:
"I Got A Boy" - Girls' Generation
"Don't Hate Me" - EPIK HIGH
"Love Killa" - Monsta X
"VERY NICE" - Seventeen
"That That" - Psy
"Hot Sauce" - NCT Dream
"Polaroid Love" - ENHYPEN
"Cupid" - Fifty Fifty

No matter the generation, there's a Kpop song that you would undoubtedly hit the replay button for. What's that song for you? Share us your thoughts, follow us on our socials, and keep visiting KpopWise for more throwbacks and updates from your favorite K-artists. 

Claui Sta. Ana

Claui Sta. Ana, who sometimes goes by her artist name "Saint," is a Philippines-based writer and an all-around artist who loves transcending culture and language barriers. She has been a K-pop fan since the 2010s and continues to stan multiple groups, including global sensation BTS. Writing is her first love, but she also dreams of hosting an art exhibit and releasing songs in the future. Find her @claui__ on Instagram.

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