SECRET NUMBER Returns with New Single Album "DOXA"

Ciera Reeves

SECRET NUMBER is back with their latest sixth single album, 독사 (DOXA). This release follows their Japanese debut in March, but is their first Korean comeback of 2023, since the release of “Tap”, their fifth single album, which was released in November 2022. 

“I’m always really excited to come out with new music. I hope this album will also introduce SECRET NUMBERs name to new listeners and new people around the world.”

- Dita, member of SECRET NUMBER

The title track for this release, “독사 (DOXA)”, describes a toxic relationship’s infinite cycle of making up and breaking up. It details the foolish actions of someone who chooses to forget about the breakups and instead long for romance even though they know it will end up hurting them in the end.

The single album also includes their first ever fan song, “Beautiful One”. This is an especially special song for LOCKEY, the official name for their fans, as it releases a few days after SECRET NUMBER have celebrated their third year anniversary on May 19th. This song is dedicated to LOCKEY and showcases the beautiful vocals and feelings of appreciation from each of the members.

“We’re back with “독사 (DOXA)”! Are you ready to fall in love with SECRET NUMBER? I hope you can enjoy this summer with our new music.”

- Léa, member of SECRET NUMBER

“I feel like we have grown a lot by challenging ourselves to a new side and concept, and I hope the listeners of “독사 (DOXA)” can relate to various shapes of love. I’m very happy to meet our LOCKEY on the stage again! I’ll work hard with my members during this promotion to make all LOCKEYs feel happy as well.”

- Zuu, member of SECRET NUMBER

DOXA music video

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