Roundup April 2023: Izykite, ANTARES, Puer Kim, and CMDM

Ciera Reeves

April welcomed the comebacks for Agust D, Seventeen, Lee Gikwang, DreamNote, Alice, BLITZERS, EPEX, DAWN, TEMPEST, Lee Chae Yeon, APINK, DRIPPIN, Kep1er, WOODZ, and Xdinary Heroes. As well as debuts from NCT DOJAEJUNG, X:IN, and XODIAC. Here are a few more releases to check out!

Izykite - 'Diver'

On April 6, Izykite’s first EP "I ZIP" was been released. This EP, which contains a total of five songs, including the pre-release single ‘Stuck in’, was written by Izykite. In addition, collaboration with producers such as DAVII, SOQI, Joseph K, and Donnie J added to the charm of the album. The song 'Diver' is a pleasant retro RnB track. 

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ANTARES - 'Runaway' 

On April 16, boy group ANTARES from J Star Entertainment released their first single album "White Code" with the title song 'Runaway.' Runaway is a bright and positive song about how light will come to you when you keep moving forward without giving up. They say that their starting point is the color white and their basic core is brightness. In the future, they will add other musical colors. 

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Puer Kim - 'mirror is my middle name'

On April 18, Puer Kim released the music video for her song 'mirror is my middle name.' The pre-release is a single leading up to her self-written ten track full album "I'm sorry and congratulations" which was released on May 2, 2023. The visualizer video helps tell the story of the song as it follows the journey from teen girlhood to womanhood. 

CMDM - Already go ready

Boy group CMDM made their debut on April 27 with their first single album "Back to the Future" with the title track 'Already go ready.' In the music video the members stand out with their matching platinum blonde hair as they work together towards a common goal of standing on stage. The reference to the movie Back to the Future is highlighted. 

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