BTS is Back with New Single 'The Planet' for Bastions OST

A summer pop number has arrived from BTS in the shape of  “The Planet.” The brand new track was released Friday 12th at 1 pm KST. The seven members unite on the pop number as part of the animated series Bastions, “The Planet” is the OST title song of the 3D action hero animation.

The Planet is the first OT7 track from the members since September's remixed version of Hyundai’s campaign “Yet to Come.” The vocal line dominates the track with their strong vocals blending in harmony. In just under 3 minutes the song encapsulates an upbeat happy number song that transports us to summer. Bursting into a positive and uplifting line Jeon Jungkook sings “We’ll get it done, We’ll work as one.”

An animated music video accompanies the track, with the animated superheroes conducting a dance challenge. The main message is working together to save the day, leader RM participated in the producing and writing of lyrics. 

“The Planet” is the main theme song for the series an array of artists also feature on the soundtrack. Stars such as LE SSERAFIM, BB Girls (formerly Brave Girls), and Heize

Amidst the current whirlwind of solo releases, documentaries, and the recent AGUST D tour a new book reflecting their 10-year career will be released. “Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS’  will be released July 9th coinciding with ARMYS' birthday. The publication is to be co-written by the members and journalist Myeongseok Kang. Fans will know of Myeongseok Kang who has written numerous articles and interviewed the boys as part of the Festa series for Weverse. Known for his ability to write in-depth and poignant pieces has fans excited for what is to come.

The English translation of the book led by Anton Hur is in collaboration with Clare Richards and Slin Jung. Anton took to social media to explain his excitement about the book mentioning “I do want to add that as Korean literary translators, our work on this book was conducted with the deepest respect for ARMY and BTS as they have been so supportive of Korean literature in translation over the years. It is truly an honor and a highlight of our career”

Beyond the Story:10-Year Record of BTS’ which is over 544 pages will feature exclusive photos, & a first printing of one million copies. Pre-orders are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble until more information is distributed.

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