BLACKSWAN returns in Grand style with ‘That Karma’

Karly B

On May 19, the international Kpop group BLACKSWAN — consisting of members FatouGabiNVee and Sriya — made an exciting return with their latest music video, single “Karma” and mini album alternately titled "That Karma." 

Fans of BLACKSWAN, known as LUMINA, are thrilled by the release of this highly anticipated project, which showcases BLACKSWAN's artistic growth and musical prowess. It also marks the groups first official comeback since their last album “Close to Me” in 2021.

Building upon their unique style, the group delivers an impressive performance in the Indian-themed
music video for “Karma”(seen below), captivating viewers with their talent and charisma. 

As part of their comeback, BLACKSWAN has planned to release live stages and interviews, providing audiences with an opportunity to experience their electrifying performances and gain insight into their creative process. 

You can listen to “That Karma” the album on Spotify.

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