[Exclusive Interview] Get to Know the Members of XODIAC

XODIAC, the highly anticipated new idol group from One Cool Jacso released their song and music video 'Throw a Dice' on April 25. The multinational group consists of 9 members, including Korean idols LEX, HYUNSIK, WAIN, BEOMSOO, DAVIN, and GYUMIN, Hong Kong idols SING and LEO, as well as the Indonesian idol, ZAYYAN.

XODIAC's 1st Mini Album "Throw a Dice" including the title, along with the tracks 'Always' and 'Midnight Sky' will be released on June 7. 

KpopWise was able to catch up with XODIAC ahead of the upcoming mini-album release to learn more about them. 

Hi! Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how XODIAC came to be? 

XODIAC: X! Beyond the World! Hello, we are XODIAC. 

LEX: The group name XODIAC comes from the constellation Zodiac. It means to find your own constellation with your individuality, infinite effort, and enterprising power.

HYUNSIK: We joined the company through auditions and castings, through fierce competition we have debuted together as XODIAC.

Can you tell us about your debut song "Throw a Dice?"  

LEX: “THROW A DICE” contains the concept of a confident young man chasing his goals, going against set fate and eventually reaches his target.

BEOMSOO: With a hip-hop base, it has colourful rhythm and minimal sounds. You can feel the sophisticated vibe and we hope it gives energy to the listeners.

What is a funny event filming the music video? 

HYUNSIK: We filmed the music video at various tourist attractions in Macau. So if you watch our “THROW A DICE” music video you would be able to enjoy the performance and atmosphere of the song, as well as visiting different tourist attractions at a glance.

Can you share any memorable experiences from your training period? 

BEOMSOO: I joined this company one day apart from GYUMIN, we talked about our worries and had fun eating together. And when I first joined the company and getting into the dorm, the members prepared a welcome party for me and we went to eat meat together. I had so much fun and it was very memorable.

LEO: One day, the light in our dorm kept flickering. We are afraid of ghost so we can’t go to sleep alone. We ended up packing together in the small room and slept together to overcome the fear.

What emoji do you think describes you the best? 

WAIN: I think the emoji 🤩 can best express our group. I hope XODIAC will become a group to make people have stars sparkling in their eyes when they see us. In order to achieve that we have to work harder!

SING: I would like to use this emoji 🔥 to describe us because we all have fiery passion in our hearts to achieve our goals. We aim to become the hottest group.

Do you have a hidden talent? 

GYUMIN: I can do voice imitation of Oh Il-nam from Squid Game.

SING: I have a deep dimple on the right hand side of my face. It’s so deep I can put an Airpod there. I’ve never seen other people who can do the same thing.

Is there anything you want to try while in Europe? 

DAVIN: Actually it’s my first time in Europe so I am very excited about it. I want to try busking in Europe and enjoying the culture of different countries.

LEO: I want to try having afternoon tea in the UK, enjoying the relaxing lifestyle.

What message do you hope to convey through your music and performances?

HYUNSIK: I hope listeners will listen to XODIAC’s music with different genres and be able to enjoy a variety of emotions. It’s just the beginning for us so please look forward to it. 

BEOMSOO: I hope listeners will enjoy our music! It would be good if they can feel the joy from the emotions of not fear of facing challenges and reaching your goals.

What are your goals and aspirations for XODIAC in the next few years? 

LEX: Our group composed of multinational members, so we have a lot of different charms and talents. We would like to show you different team colours with different member combinations. We are stylish in terms of music and fashion, so I hope we would become a group that is someone’s wannabe.

BEOMSOO: We want to become a group who leads the trend, and to grow as a group that is able to make people feel fresh and sophisticated no matter where we are performing.

SING: I hope we will become a group that the fans feel proud to mention.

What message do you have for your fans, both in Korea and around the world? 

ZAYYAN: Please keep looking forward to our music and other contents. Let’s write our beautiful journey together from now on till forever!

WAIN: Thank you to all the fans who love and care about XODIAC. I love you so much and we will do our best to make you proud of us. Thank you!


Currently, the group is releasing web drama music videos to accompany the songs. Episode 1 "My Strange Roommate" features the song 'Always' while Episode 2 "The Secret of Roommate" features the song 'Midnight Sky'. Episode 3 "Missing Roommate" featuring the song 'Special Love' will be released on May 30 concluding the series. Meanwhile, XODIAC is showing their charms by performing on weekly music shows. 


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YouTube: XODIAC Official

Special thanks to XODIAC and  One Cool Jacso for the interview. 

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