CEO of BMSG SKY-HI and Nippon TV Release First Episode of D.U.N.K Project on YouTube Featuring BE:FIRST, and &TEAM

Ciera Reeves

 Photo Cr. BMSG 

The first episode of D.U.N.K premiered on YouTube on May 13, with English subtitles available. SKY-HI opens with his single performance with the same title, as well as collaborators, Japanese boyband BE:FIRST and multinational boyband, &TEAM. It also features backstage and behind-the-scenes conversations of both groups. A total of 10 episodes will be released every Saturday.

Episodes will feature exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and collaborative projects between the most exciting yet, diverse range of performers who are sure to captivate audiences both in Japan and around the world. This includes members of &TEAM, Ayumi Imazu, BALLISTIK BOYZ, BE:FIRST, BULLET TRAIN, GENERATIONS, s**t kingz, ShowMinorSavage,  and TOKYO GEGEGAY, to name a few. 

Watch the music video for SKY-HI’s ‘D.U.N.K.’ (Produced by. ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo, block. fm)) and featuring SKY-HI, SOTA (BE:FIRST), Aile The Shota, Kensuke (BFQ), JUN (BFQ), Money (BFQ), TAK-YARD (BFQ), KAITA (Rht.), MASATO ($RAM HEADS), JUMPEI (YDK Apartment, avex ROYALBRATS), KooDa (YDK Apartment,avex ROYALBRATS), COTA, KAIRI, REN, and RYUNOSUKE: 

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