VAV to Make Highly Anticipated Comeback with 7th Mini Album Subcönscióus

On May 18, to the delight of their fans, group VAV announced their comeback with their 7th mini album "Subcönscióus" to be released June 12, 2023. 

This will be the group's first release since their 6th mini album "Made for Two" back in September 2020 before the group took a hiatus for most of the members to complete their military service. 

Now the group is finally back with a mysterious teaser photo image of broken statue busts and the words "coming soon" giving off an intense vibe, and exciting fans who patiently waiting for the group's return. 

VAV debuted in 2015 and gathered an international fanbase and have impressed with their singing, dancing, and songwriting abilities. 

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Ciera Reeves

Ciera is the founder of KpopWise. She has been a fan of Korean pop culture since 2005 and writing about it since 2009. Her bias groups are VIXX and OnlyOneOf. She is a 2nd-3rd generation K-pop fan, but she is actively keeping up with the current artists. twitter instagram

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