[Exclusive Interview] BLITZERS Moves the World with Macarena!

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On April 24 BLITZERS made their return with the highly anticipated new single album "Macarena"  after nine months since their last single album "WIN-DOW," which was released in July of last year. In October, the group proved to be a global hot rookie when they embarked on their European tour reaching fans across eight countries and twelve cities from Italy to Germany. 

With the track Macarena, BLITZERS creates a fun new spin on a 90s classic global sensation, with member Jinhwa directing the choreography. 

The music video has so far achieved over twelve million views on YouTube. BLITZERS has appeared as a Hanteo-recommended artist and was featured on Spotify for New Music Friday.

Check out 'Macarena' music video 

The group's performance also ranked 3rd on the weekly music show Inkigayo's top 3 performance video views.

KpopWise caught up with Jinhwa, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju. to talk about 'Macarena', their European tour experiences, and more. Member Go_U is currently taking a break. 

Hi, BLITZERS congratulations on your comeback! You came back with a retro style, how did the idea for “Macarena” come about?

JINHWA – We're greeting you once again through KpopWise! Nice to meet you!

The comeback ‘Macarena’ has a retro concept with the meaning that Blitzers will once again bring back the craze from the 1990s when Los del Rio’s Macarena, a song of the same name, spread worldwide!

What was a funny episode while filming the music video?

JUHAN - If you watch the music video, there's a scene where we're leaning to the right, left, front, and back depending on the movement of the limousine! At that time, the car was actually stopped and it was fun to move in accordance with the timing given by the members and the director.

SYA - The makeup and acting of the zombies were really realistic. So when I was filming the action scene in the car, I put my hands together and begged the zombie actors not to catch me, but there was a little bit of realistic wish. Of course, that scene didn't come out, but it was a pity, but the shooting was so much fun.

How do you want BLEE to feel when they listen to Macarena?

CHRIS - I like the song and I want to hear it again, so I hope you keep listening to it!

WOOJU - I think it would be good if you listened to it while admiring "Wow" and take pride in being called BLEE!

Do you think you have improved since your last come back?

JINHWA - This time, the members discussed with each other, and because we made the choreography, formation, and composition themselves, we became more attached and depended on each other, and I think our skills improved a bit.

CHRIS - Yes! I think I've improved too. Knowing how to express a song since the last comeback. I learned not only how to express myself through choreography on stage, but also how to use facial expressions.

LUTAN -  I think it's probably the mind that has grown and developed the most. As Jinhwa said, it seems that it has become possible to rely on each other on stage and below. I think our teamwork grows as much as we spend time together!

What is your favorite movie made in the 90s?

JINHWA - Christmas in August

JUHAN - Titanic

SYA - I think I've rarely seen a movie from the 90s. I want to look for it later.

CHRIS - The Mummy

LUTAN - I Like Home Alone on Christmas Day

WOOJU - Titanic

What is your favorite memory of the European tour?

JUHAN - It was nice to be able to taste various European foods! It was really delicious, especially Schweinshaxe. It was so delicious.

SYA - The performances I did while communicating with the fans were still vivid and very good.

WOOJU - Of course, the performance was good, and I rode the bus 

as I traveled between cities. I found that each city had its own distinct qualities that made it memorable. I enjoyed observing these unique characteristics with my own eyes. Being in a new environment can be quite an experience. Finding relaxation is also a good memory!

What do you like to do in your free time and what are your hobbies?

JINHWA - I love to play sports like basketball!

JUHAN - Listening to music, playing games, and exercising.

SYA - In my free time, I usually like to lie down. My hobby is making and recording songs.

CHRIS - My hobbies are sports and watching cartoons!

LUTAN - I like to walk or exercise, and when I rest, I usually sleep or watch YouTube!

WOOJU - My hobby is drawing and I like to watch movies in my free time.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

JINHWA - The ability to stop time. Time seems to pass too quickly.

JUHAN - Clone Spell! I want to earn money while working a lot.

SYA - The ability to stop time, stop it and go to sleep. I want to try many things.

CHRIS - Stopping time. I think stopping time can save time!

LUTAN - I want the ability to turn back time! Because there are many memories that I miss or want to feel longer.

WOOJU - Stopping time. I think something like that would give me a lot of leeway.

What is a goal that you want to achieve?

JINHWA - Standing on a bigger stage with BLITZERS.

JUHAN - My goal is to make the music I want to do and shoot a music video so that people can enjoy it.

SYA - It seems that the goal is not to end one goal, but to keep updating it. I don't want to stop by thinking that something has been achieved!

CHRIS - These days, our goal is to win first place on music shows.

LUTAN - Our goal is to let as many people know and enjoy us as Macarena!

WOOJU - To impress the masses with this Macarena.

What is your message to international BLEE?

JINHWA - I want to see you. We'll go see you soon! wait for me!

JUHAN - Are you doing well? I love you BLEE ❤

SYA - Thanks for waiting BLEE! And you move with me!!

CHRIS - I will definitely show you the Macarena activities!!

LUTAN - Thank you very much as always and let's have fun and have fun with this activity!! I love you~~


WOOJU - We're very happy with our comeback, I hope overseas BLEE can enjoy this activity happily together. LUV U.

Currently, you can see BLITZERS performing 'Macarena' on music programs, so join the fun and support them! You can also participate in the #MacarenaChallenge on social media. 


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