Top 5 Hottest and Most Intense Thai BL Dramas

Thai BL dramas have been taking the world by storm in recent years, and for good reason. These shows are full of heart-pounding romance, steamy scenes, and plenty of drama. If you're looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then you need to check out one of these hottest and most intense Thai BL dramas.

Here are the top 5 hottest and most intense Thai BL dramas:

Kinnporsche The Series : La Forte

It is a 2022 Thai action and romantic drama based on a web Novel written by Daemi. The genre of the Series goes in Action, Romance, and Crime. 

Whenever the name of Thai BL dramas comes up, Kinnporsche always comes up first for recommendations or suggestions to beginners. The theme is based on Mafia underworld and is revolved around Kinn who is Mafia Boss and Porsche who was a part-time worker at a pub until Kinn offered him to become his personal Bodyguard. The drama has not only shown a smooth chemistry between the lead couples but also has presented other characters Love Angle with a great mafia action Storyline of in-total 14 episodes.

Love In the Air

The drama is based on a novel. The series presented a journey of finding love between two different couples. This drama has its own bliss, a love-like vibe that will make your heart beat like crazy.

The story surrounds around the two best friends, Rain and Sky, getting tangled with the Payu and Prapai. The series have showcase the couple's storyline with the season of warm spring, hot summer, lonely autumn, and cold winter. Though both couple's storyline is different, the way it revolves around an obstacle that gives rise to a deep and true love between the couple Sky and Prapai, its worth giving it a try and that try becomes your addiction.

Don't Say No 

The Series is a continuation of another series, TharnType, in which both the leads were shown as a side couple and that instance, the short screening of both the couple's chemistry, made fans more curious.

As a result, both the leads were cast in this series with a storyline based on friends to lovers. It revolves around a playboy and his childhood friend who loves him since a young age. The story is a great mixture of romance and the steamy kiss scenes will eventually make you more interested to lovestruck with the Series.



Cutiepie is a  drama that will never fail to make your heartbeat. The drama is a combination of romance and comedy. It revolves around Lian Kilien Wang and Kuea ''Kirin'' Keerati who promised their parents and grandparents to marry each other. Soon, doubts occur between them related to their arranged marriage. 

Watch it if you are curious about how this couple overcomes obstacles and gets into a lovey-dovey romantic relationship.

Unforgotten Night

This series is not for light-hearted people because this series not only contains a love story but also has lots of steamy and sexual scenes which will make your body freeze. 

Kamol, a 30-year-old mafia boss, has some special needs and kinks in bed, so he keeps switching partners and trying many one-night stands but in the end was not satisfied. One night at the Bar he met a random stranger, Kim, and had one night stand with him. After that night he realized that he perfectly fits his standards and started pursuing him to make him fall in love with him. This Romantic Drama has Action scenes, which is perfectly suited for people who love watching Mafia Storyline Drama. 

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