Fanart Friday: PLAVE "Why?" + Eunho's Birthday

PLAVE is a five-member VTuber K-pop boy group that debuted with their 1st single album "ASTERUM" on March 12. The group, consisting of the members Noah, Bamby, Yejun, Eunho, and Hamin has quickly captured the hearts of many fans from their trainee era to their debut with their musical talents, and hilarious humor displayed on their weekly livestreams on Twitch. They reached over 260,000 YouTube subscribers within a short two months.  

The group even topped the music streaming platform Bugs at number 1 and 2 respectively with their songs 'Wait for you' and 'Pixel World' on May 23. They recently made a comeback with the new digital single "Why" on May 25. Check out the lyric video. 

The fanart for PLAVE is endless, but we have gathered a few to share for this week's Fanart Friday! 

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the art featured. If the artist would like their art removed, they can message us and we will promptly remove it.


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Ciera Reeves

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