[Concert Review] TXT Brings Magic to Atlanta with ACT: SWEET MIRAGE

Cheyenne Chong

It's been one week since Tomorrow x Together left Atlanta and their two days here were something MOA will never forget. For TXT's first world tour, they performed in the Fox Theatre, a local Atlanta gem but significantly smaller than this year's venue, Gas South Arena. Opening the show with title song, "Blue Hour," from their third mini album, TXT flooded the stage with colors that could only be their own. Donning outfits suited for a prince, members Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai had MOA mesmerized and singing along until the last confetti hit the floor. 

TXT learned a lot on their first world tour, Act: Love Sick, about what songs MOA wanted to sing along to and they brought a loaded setlist and the energy to match for tour number two. Songs like "Cat & Dog" aren't just loved by MOA for their iconic lines, but for the silly moments and interactions between artist and fan when it comes time to sing it together, in person. When the members talked about MOAs request to hear "Cat & Dog," they made a game of it, having MOA sing back to them and even replicate some of their signature stage moves. TXT's members spend a lot of time interacting with their fans online but they take that interaction a step further by playing games at concerts, or in this case, teaching a dance and throwing the spotlight on MOA. For one of the pre-encore songs of the night "Happy Fools," from their most recent album The Name Chapter: Temptation, Yeonjun taught MOA how to dance along. You can learn it yourself here, or check out his original TikTok below.

@txt.bighitent For all #HappyFools out there (dc: #YEONJUN) #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TEMPTATION ♬ Happy Fools (feat. Coi Leray) - TOMORROW X TOGETHER
Taehyun, affectionately known as Terry to his fans, reminisces at the end of day two about his infatuation with Atlanta; Rest assured, the feeling is mutual. In 2019, Tomorrow x Together held a debut showcase in Atlanta with around 900 MOAs in attendance. And just four years later, there were over 10,000 MOAs in attendance each night for their May 19 and 20, 2023 shows. Taehyun posted a few photos after their time in Atlanta, showing off the members' personalized Coca Cola bottles and during the concert he even upheld his ATL tradition of singing a little bit of "Peaches" by Justin Bieber. Moments like these really remind MOA of what a sentimental group they support. 
Taehyun's Weverse post: Coke Bottles with their names on it from the original Coca Cola Factory in Atlanta, GA.

Photo Credit: Taehyun on Weverse

Fan projects are some of the best parts of Kpop concerts but it's particularly special when the roles are reversed and the artist comes with a plan in mind. Not only did TXT sing their new song, "Blue Spring," dedicated to MOA, but they arranged a sing along in the final encore with "Our Summer," from their debut mini album Dream Chapter: Star. To say they've outdone themselves would be an understatement and it's thrilling to witness their energy and love grow with each passing achievement.

Tomorrow x Together's ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour is set to continue with stops in Asia and potentially more dates and countries to be announced soon. In the meantime, the group's second Japanese album, SWEET, is set to physically release July 5, 2023; Concepts and teasers can be seen on their Weverse community page

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