G-IDLE Releases 6th Mini Album 'I Feel' and Music Video of Title Track 'Queencard'

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(G)-IDLE makes a comeback with their 6th Mini Album “I Feel” and title track “Queencard”

Today, (G)-IDLE, has made a comeback with their 6th mini album “I Feel” and released the music video for the title trackQueencard”. The mini album has 4 four different album cover versions: Queen Ver., Jewel Ver., Butterfly Ver., and Cat Ver. Each album version includes unique exclusive content aside from photo cards and posters such as playing cards, tattoo stickers, ID cards, Polaroids, and mini posters. Some of these items are pre-order exclusive only meaning fans had to pre-order the album before the release date to receive these items. 

It is widely known that the members of (G)-IDLE have a heavy involvement in the production and writing of their songs. (G)-IDLE’s leader, Jeon Soyeon has been credited in the arrangement, lyrics, and music production for many of the group’s hit tracks such as their debut song “Latata”, “Uh-Oh”, and “Dumdi Dumdi.” 

Soyeon and many other members of the group took part in creating the songs on their newly released 6th Mini Album “I Feel.’” The catchy title track “Queencard” written by Soyeon leaves viewers with a strong feeling of self-love and confidence in their own skin. 

The music video takes you on a story of a girl named SY, played by Soyeon, who pursues plastic surgery with a desire of acquiring a new physical appearance. When she falls into a deep sleep from the anesthesia in the hospital, she dreams of what it would be like after her transformation which viewers will see that she captivates everyone she encounters. The music video takes you on a journey with references from Western Pop Culture tropes led by each member of (G)-IDLE. Fans commented scenes from the music video are reminiscent of the iconic American teen comedy film ‘Mean Girls’ with pink as the primary color throughout the video from the (G)-IDLE girls’ all-pink outfit dance scene at a pool party to a Victoria Secret themed set design, as well as the dance battle scene from the American comedy film ‘White Chicks’. Halfway through, it is cleverly revealed that SY has been the main character all along. 

Watch the music video below to see the rest of the story:

The 6th mini album follows their 5th mini album “I Love” which was released on October 17, 2022, with the title track ‘Nxde’. Before releasing their 5th mini album, the five girls embarked on their first world tour, “Just Me ()-IDLE” touring across 18 total cities. From performing their early hits like “HANN” and “Oh my god” to “HWAA” and an explicit version of “TOMBOY”, (G)-IDLE captured the hearts of many Neverlands (fandom name) worldwide.

Watch the official behind-the-scenes look at (G)-IDLE’s World Tour below: 

(G)-IDLE will kick off their 2nd world tour ‘I am FREE-TY’ on June 16 and June 17 in Seoul which will be held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Check out the tour stops below:

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