[Exclusive Interview] KINGDOM Talk 'Dystopia' Moments, New Kingdom Jobs, and More

KINGDOM is a seven-member boy group under GF Entertainment. They debuted on February 18, 2021 with their first mini album History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur. The members are Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Hwon, and Jahan. Each member represents a different king from history.

They are known for their powerful performances and their unique concept of representing these different kings. The group has released six EPs so far. The most recent mini-album released on March 31, 2023, "History of Kingdom: Part VI MUJIIN" with the title track 'Dystopia.' Among the beautiful land of cherry blooms a dystopian world has come. It is up to the album's protagonist Mujin to save the kingdom with his sacrifice. 

They have won several awards, including two Asia Artists Awards, and the Cultural Grand Prize from the Korea Contribution Awards. Keeping busy since the latest album release, they recently became the Public Relations Ambassador for Gyeonggi-do Youth Phone 1388 in May appointed by the Gyeonggi-do Youth Counseling and Welfare Center. Meanwhile, the group just completed their KCON Japan 2023 showcase and performances over the weekend. 

KpopWise chatted with the hard-working members of KINGDOM amidst their busy schedule and asked questions that Kingmakers wanted to know. 

Message from KINGDOM

The setting of the music video is beautiful. Is there a memorable episode from filming the music video for ‘Dystopia’?

DANN: We filmed the music video in an actual studio space in Korea. It was a place I had always wanted to visit, and it was beautiful in person and beautifully captured in the video. As for an episode from the shooting location, we shot the music video in winter, and we had to do a group dance scene on a frozen pond, which was difficult. We had to focus on our dance moves and also maintain our balance on the ice, so it was challenging for all of us. However, we were grateful to the director for making us look good in the video.     

The “History of Kingdom” arch introduces fans to 7 kings and the kingdoms they rule. If each of you weren’t the king, what other job would you have in your kingdom?


Sell Takoyaki: I love Takoyaki so much, and I eat it very often. I am confident that I can make delicious takoyaki based on all the takoyaki I have eaten so far.


Sell Clothes: I think I have a good sense of fashion, and when I see my fellow members, I want to dress them up in my style. I think I can express this feeling freely.


Airplane pilot: I would be happy to travel freely around the world.


YouTube creator: This is one of the jobs I wanted to do even before becoming an idol.


Animator: I really love animation.


Nobleman: I often hear people say that I look like a nobleman, so I try to keep a relaxed mindset.


Fitness trainer: I have been into working out lately, and I think it would be great to enjoy it with other people.

Until now, you’ve performed with many props such as swords, fans, ribbons, & sticks. Do you have a favorite prop?

LOUIS: It's hard for me to choose just one prop because each prop plays a role in making the stage look its best. That's why I don't think I can choose just one.

Which choreography of yours is the hardest and most tiring to execute? Which one is your favorite?

ARTHUR:  The most difficult part for me when dancing for 'Long Live The King's' performance was when I had to climb on a pole and hold onto its shape, going beyond the use of regular props. And currently, my favorite choreography is "Dystopia." I love that choreography the most each time we perform it.

Speaking about KINGDOM’s worldview, which ‘king’ do you think has the most mysterious and interesting personality?

LOUIS: I shared this story with the members, and although we all believe we have good personalities and abilities, I have pride for myself on being the most mysterious one. Having lived for many years and met various people, I, Louis, also have diverse charms, including a charm of solitude. How mysterious is that?

If you had the opportunity to travel to the past or the future, which one would you choose? What would you do?

MUJIN: I think I would choose the future over the past. I don't usually dwell on regrets about the past. I tend to live with anticipation for the future, although it may be a little less fun to know what the future holds than to go back to the past and see what I already know. I would rather go to the future to discover new things.

In your opinion, what is the point that attracts new fans to become a Kingmaker?

JAHAN: To all the new KINGMAKERs, you are the lucky ones. You will be able to see many cute, cool, and handsome KINGDOM. Please look forward to us in the future too.

Do any members watch anime/animation? What would you recommend to Kingmakers right now?

HWON: I recommend Slam Dunk. Recently, there was a Slam Dunk craze in Korea and I watched it too. I think you can feel the tension and passion typical of sports animation. I highly recommend it. It will help you find the lost passion.

What is something that you want to tell international Kingmakers?

MUJIN: To all the KINGMAKERs out there! Thank you so much for loving KINGDOM. We will not stop here and continue to make more awesome stages and grow into a better KINGDOM, so please watch over us. The biggest strength of KINGDOM is all of you KINGMAKERs. We love you.

What can we expect from KINGDOM next?

DANN: We are trying our best to meet and communicate with more KINGMAKERs from various countries around the world.

The group is set to embark on its first Grand American tour across twelve cities in September of this year. Show your support to the group on tour! 


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