K-Pop Throwback with Girls' Generation Oh!GG’s ‘Lil’ Touch’

Silvia Luoni


K-Pop music has a long story and I’d like to recall some successful songs, so for today's K-pop throwback time, I’m going to talk about the debut song of Girls’ Generation’s sub-unit Oh!GG is composed of the members TAEYEON, SUNNY, HYOYEON, YURI, and YOONA track ‘Lil’ Touch’. 

The song was released digitally and physically on September 5, 2018. The single has also a B-side track titled ‘Fermata’. Initially, the track was decided to be for the Girls’ Generation member YURI’s solo, but then it became the title song of the sub-unit debut. 

The lyrics are mostly in Korean but you can hear some English words during the track duration like ‘Lil’ touch’, ‘Kiss me boy’, and ‘Baby give it up’. It describes how the girls entered the man’s heart, drawing the girls as femme fatal.  

The chorus is very catchy with that re-played sound in the background, giving the entire song an Indian-like style

The music video recalls nature with plants and flowers in the member's individual shots, but also there are the elegant setting and dresses. 

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