Lucas leaves NCT and WayV - SM issues statement

In a surprising turn of events, Lucas, a member of NCT and WayV, has decided to part ways with both groups.

Lucas, known for his vibrant personality and charismatic stage presence, announced his departure through an official statement on his Instagram account. 

The statement did not provide specific reasons for his departure but emphasized that it was a mutual decision between Lucas and SM Entertainment, the agency that manages NCT and WayV. Additionally, Lucas thanked his fans for their unwavering support and love throughout his journey and reflected fondly on his bandmates.

Following Lucas's announcement, SM Entertainment issued a separate statement to address the situation. SM expressed their gratitude towards Lucas for his time with the company and acknowledged his significant role in NCT and WayV. They also expressed their support for his future endeavors and promised to continue supporting him.


Despite the unexpected departure, Lucas will continue to pursue his passion for music and entertainment in new endeavors.

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Karly B

Karly is a USA-based Entertainment journalist. An ardent K-Pop fan, her favorite groups are BLACKSWAN and SUPERM and her bias’ are NVee and Kai.

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