Rolling Quartz Wows Rock Fans and K-Pop Fans Alike in Dallas


KpopWise was fortunate enough to spend an evening with the girls of Rolling Quartz on May 24th for the last stop of their USA tour at Three Links in Dallas!

Just by looking at them, most people would think that they're just another idol group — however, these girls are truly forces to contend with in the Korean rock scene. Their talent and passion explode on the stage and they have undeniably become one of the industry's most cutting-edge acts by effortlessly bringing together K-Pop and Rock.

Live performance is their forté — Jayoung (Vocals), Arem (Bass), Yeongeun (Drums), Iree, and Hyunjung (both Guitars) captivated the audience and onlookers from outside the venue alike.

Barreling through the setlist with an unmatched energy, the girls performed covers of K-Pop and Rock favorites in their own flavor, along with their own original songs and solo stages to showcase their individual talents.

Please have a look at KpopWise's gallery of the night below, and be sure to check out Rolling Quartz's music!

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