Seoul to turn Purple for BTS 10 Year Anniversary this June

BTS Festa time is just around the corner, and this year looks set to be one for the books. May 25th saw Bighit tweet a cryptic mini clip of ‘BTS Presents Everywhere’ with an accompanying link taking fans to a minimalistic webpage. A logo trailer appeared on all social media channels with the much-loved 2019’s track “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” playing. 

Joining forces with the Seoul Metropolitan government it was later revealed that Seoul will turn purple for the group's 10-year celebrations from June 12 to 25th. Major landmarks Some Sebit, Namsan Seoul Tower, City Hall, DDP, and World Cup Bridge, will be colored purple. The color was lovingly adopted as Borahae by member V to fans back in 2016 during a fan meet. Borahe is a portmanteau of the Korean words saranghae (I love you) and borasaek (purple). The phrase was created as a meaningful message between BTS and their fanbase.

The theme is '2023 BTS FESTA'  hosted at Yeouido Hangang Park with a festival for ARMY and the public to attend.  Various other activities and events are to be held online and offline. 

Festa marks the 10-year debut of the band annually placed on June 13th, which saw their debut with the single "No More Dream" from the album “2 Cool 4 Skool.”

The band has become a household name and achieved global records. Becoming the first K-pop act to top the U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart and the Billboard 200 main albums chart. 

During 2022’s Festa dinner, the band announced they would take a group hiatus which surprised fans. However, fears were quickly dismissed via Weverse Lives, since the announcement fans have yet to catch a break. After the anthology album “Proof” closed chapter one, chapter two accelerated into full gear. 

Shortly after the festa dinner, it was announced rap line, and main dancer J-Hope would be the first of the group to debut with his solo album the critically acclaimed “Jack In the Box.” Which led him to be the first Korean Solo act to headline Lollapoolza.

Fans have been treated to over 23 releases consisting of group singles and five members making their successful solo album debuts. August D (SUGA) made his debut as the first member to go on a world tour with the album “D-Day” It was revealed on 24th May that records were broken as the first rapper to earn over $3M in a single arena concert in US history. His Asian leg of the tour begins in Indonesia on 26th May. 

A commemorative book Co-wrote by the boys will be released July 9th titled ‘Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS’  available to pre-order online. Follow KpopWise on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest Kpop news and for more exclusive interviews!

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