11 Kpop Music Videos with Drag Queens

Ciera Reeves

Lee Hyori features two drag queens in the 'Miss Korea' Music Video 

Featuring drag queens in K-pop music videos represents a significant step towards promoting inclusion and embracing diversity within the industry. K-pop, known for its vibrant visuals and innovative performances, has some power to influence and shape societal norms. By incorporating drag queens into their music videos, K-pop artists challenge traditional gender boundaries and demonstrate a commitment to celebrating various forms of self-expression within the conservative country of South Korea. 

This inclusion not only provides a platform for drag queens to showcase their talent and artistry but also sends a powerful message to fans and viewers worldwide that individuality and personal identity should be celebrated and respected. It encourages a more inclusive and accepting society where people can embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgment or discrimination. 

Although a small gesture, by featuring drag queens, these artists are sending a message of acceptance and empowerment to the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some K-pop music videos with drag queens. 

Lee Hyori - Miss Korea (2013)

Cheetah - My Number (2015)

Girls Generation (SNSD) - 'All Night' (2017)

Brown Eyed Girls - Wonder Woman (2019)

MAMAMOO - "HIP" (2019)

Woosung (The Rose) - 'Face (2019)

WETTER - "Ggondae" (2019)

Holland - Not Afraid (2018)

VANNER - 'Form' (2020)

Do Han Se - 'Take over' (2021)

Hello Gloom - 'Dancing in the Dark' (2023)

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